Where To Go Skiing Cheap In Europe

Tracking fresh snow on the slopes is an activity that tempts many of you every winter! But ski holidays are often expensive holidays especially with the family. Ski resorts in Switzerland, France or Austria require a sizeable budget. We therefore inquired about the resorts in Europe to ski cheap. Here is the cheapest skiing places

Where To Go Skiing Cheap In Europe?

Did you know that some Eastern European countries have ski resorts with pretty slopes? The elevations and the quality of the equipment are certainly not those of the Alps but the snow is there and the tracks too! In addition to packages that are not very expensive, you will find cheap air tickets for skiing this winter.

The ski resort Mariborsko Pohorje in Maribor in Slovenia

There are several ski resorts in Slovenia where you can indulge yourself with its mountain ranges: the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanke Mountains. In addition to skiing, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes.

We selected Mariborsko Pohorje because it offers 41km of pistes including 13km of red slopes and 5km of black runs. It is therefore a perfect destination in Slovenia for beginners or for skiing with the family. The slopes are usually open from mid-December to the end of March depending on the quality of the snow.

Mariborsko Pohorje is also very easy to access from different countries. It will take you 1 hour 20 minutes by car to reach the ski resort from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, 1 hour from Graz in Austria and 1 hour 40 minutes from Zagreb.

The station of Bansko in Bulgaria

Bansko is an important ski resort in Bulgaria with 48kms of pistes located between 990m and 2560m above sea level. It is an ideal resort for beginners and families with its 20kms of blue runs and 24.5kms of red runs. You can enjoy 8kms of ski road too. From Sofia, it takes a little more than two hours to reach the station.

The ski pass for the day costs 33 euros for an adult.

Skiing in Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Jahorina resort in Bosnia offers almost 18km of pistes including 12km of red runs and 3km of black runs. It is therefore a resort for skiers with a little experience. This station was also used for the 1984 Olympic Games. An original destination for a cheap ski holiday. Jahorina can be reached in an hour from Sarajevo by car. An ideal distance if you land in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The ski pass for the day costs 23 euros for an adult. This is the cheapest of all resorts that we offer!

The ski resort of Sinaia in Romania

The ski resort of Sinaia is located at 2 hour 20 minutes north of Bucharest. You can reach it by car or train. This small resort offers 18km of pistes including 11.7km of red slopes and 2.8km of black runs. You can also enjoy 5km of ski route around the resort. The slopes are located between 1000 and 2090m above sea level.

The small town of Sinaia also offers other activities around the ski resort. You can also discover the magnificent summer palace: Peleş Castle and the monastery of Sinaia and a casino.

The ski pass for the day costs 31 euros for an adult.


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