Where To Go In Portugal?

Portugal is a fascinating country because of its diversity and is an excellent tourist destination. Here is the answer where to go in Portugal?

Where To Go In Portugal?

Tavira, a traditional summer city

Tavira is a charming resort located east of the Algarve. We have included it in our list, because unlike other resorts on the Algarve coast that have undergone dramatic transformations, it has kept intact its cachet and its traditions, without being affected by tourism massive.

The cobbled streets of the city center are lined with quaint cafes and small restaurants owned by local families, while the pretty beaches are accessible by ferry. We chose to include Tavira in our list because it is the most beautiful city in the Algarve, easily accessible from Faro Airport. Tavira does not often attract young people and is a good choice for a one-week stay.

Coimbra, university town

Where to go in Portugal? The city of Coimbra is home to the oldest university in the country and is remarkable for its strange and pleasant mix of historical traditions and youthful energy, infused by the many students of the city. You will often meet them if you do not go in summer: dressed in their traditional black dress and accompanied by their comrades, they hurry to not be late or relax playing classical music.

Coimbra is a small town that you can easily explore in a day; its popularity is due to its location on the north-south axis that connects Lisbon to Porto: visitors stop there to cut a route that would otherwise be too long.

Sesimbra, beautiful summer resort

Sesimbra is a pretty town located south of Lisbon on the Setubal Peninsula; it is an extremely popular resort among the Portuguese who storm it in the summer, while in the off-season the city is very quiet and peaceful.

Where to go in Portugal? Here you will find breathtaking landscapes, majestic rocky cliffs, splendid beaches and magnificent forests that cover the hills of the Arrabida National Park, located near Sesimbra. This city is very little known to foreign tourists; it is located in a beautiful region and can be reached by bus from Lisbon.

Evora, historic city

Evora is a beautiful city in the arid region of Alentejo; the city is known for its well-preserved Roman Temple and its sinister chapel, but it hides magnificent monuments that testify to its past importance as a former commercial city.

Because of the often stifling heat, the city seems to be idling in the summer; the situation improves with the arrival of students in the fall. Do not hesitate to go there especially by car, so you can easily explore the whole region of Alentejo; an excellent bus line connects Evora to Lisbon.


Guimarães is the cradle of Portugal: it was here that was born the first king of Portugal and that the country was created in 1128. The city center has kept the historic stamp of this beautiful city; take the time to explore the picturesque cobbled streets and admire the Gothic monuments and the pretty traditional houses.

An ancient stone castle overlooks the city, while a cable car transports visitors to the top of Penha Hill, which offers a magnificent view of Guimarães and is also the starting point of several hiking trails. Where to go in Portugal? Guimarães is a charming city very well organized that we warmly recommend you to visit; if you spend your holidays in Porto, you can easily visit Guimarães in one day.

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Vila Nova de Milfontes is ideally located along the most beautiful and fascinating coast of Portugal, in the heart of the Sudoeste Alentejano National Park, in the dry and wild region of Alentejano, in the west of the country. In summer, this small, normally quiet, fishing town is stormed by the Portuguese who come to spend their holidays there.

The city is very agglomerated in summer, but thanks to the large number of Portuguese visitors the value for money is excellent for all services and the food is delicious, fresh and authentic. Vila Nova is our least accessible destination, but its beautiful beaches are worth seeing.


The town of Sintra is located in an exceptional natural setting on the hills of Serra de Sintra. Attracted by the beauty of the landscape and the slightly cooler climate, the Portuguese nobles had their summer residences built there, in the form of opulent palaces and magnificent stately homes. Today all these splendid buildings are open to the public and the city of Sintra is considered an essential tourist objective.

Where to go in Portugal? Most of the tourists who visit Sintra follow a precise itinerary, which includes the National Palace, gem of Gothic architecture, the ruins of the Castle of the Moors and the Pena Palace. Book a full day for these three goals and do not hesitate to spend a second day in Sintra, the city is full of goals that deserve to be discovered.


Lagos is the most beautiful resort on the Algarve coast; the city represents an amazing and very successful blend of tradition and modernity: Lagos has kept its traditions intact while adapting to the hectic pace of the modern world, without ever making concessions to mass tourism.

You will find beautiful beaches, including Dona Anna, considered the most beautiful beach in Portugal, as well as the beautiful rocks Ponte Piede, which we recommend you explore by boat. The city center of Lagos perfectly reflects the successive historical periods experienced by the city: you can visit the ancient fortifications of the city, located next to the estuary. From Lagos you will have access to the western part of the Algarve region so you can easily explore beautiful places like Sagres, Portimão and Silves.

The atmosphere of Lagos is more sophisticated than that of the nearby resort, Praia de Rocha, the first destination for fans of trendy clubs and wild parties.


Porto is the splendid and fascinating capital of the north of the country, which has become famous thanks to the homonymous drink, which has strongly influenced the history of this picturesque city and is still produced by traditional methods and stored in vast cellars located along the banks of the Douro.

For lovers of Porto, the tasting tours are a unique opportunity to improve their knowledge and discover the region. Where to go in Portugal? Porto is full of tourist attractions: you will find beautiful churches and magnificent historic buildings that you will have the opportunity to discover during a boat ride on the Douro. If you want to spend several days in Porto, know that the region is very rich in beautiful beaches and sights, all accessible by train.

The city of Porto is investing heavily in tourism and is becoming a destination increasingly appreciated by city breaks lovers, which translates, among other things, into more affordable airfares thanks to low cost airlines. Get ready for a much wetter weather than in Lisbon or Algarve.


Lisbon is a dynamic and lively city, but also calm and peaceful; tradition and modernity blend harmoniously and progress has been made in respect of the historical heritage of the city. It is a pleasure to explore Lisbon on foot: the cobbled streets overlook large squares and are crossed by picturesque tramways, but very practical. The city is a mosaic of different neighborhoods, each with its own style, each proud of its history and architecture.

The splendid beaches of the region reinforce the choice of Lisbon at the top of our ranking of the most beautiful cities of Portugal; they are noticeable not only for their beauty, but also for their remarkable accessibility: you just have to take the train to transform your city break into a holiday at the water’s edge. Lisbon is also an ideal destination for all visitors, regardless of age and budget. Couples, families, independent travelers, groups, you will find all your happiness in Lisbon.

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