Where To Go In March?

Where to go in March 2018? Here is the wonderfull places to go in March 2018.

Where To Go In March?


To visit Vietnam in March is like an allegory as the country seems to live the spring of its destiny. The third month of the year opens a sunny window on this country as diverse as fascinating. To the north, the relatively cool temperatures will not prevent the discovery of the colonial Hanoi and the mythical Halong Bay. Border of China, Lao Cai hosts the well-known Spring Festival and offers songs, dances and other colorful religious ceremonies. Going down to the south, the thermometer and humidity, however less strong in this season, follow the opposite path. Saigon and the Mekong Delta offer the traveler and complete a colorful panorama of the most unexpected.


The kingdom of Morocco is so rich and varied that a single visit is usually not enough. At the dawn of spring, the month of March offers ideal conditions for discovering the imperial cities as well as the oceanic coastline or the reliefs of the Atlas. If the coastal strip enjoys relatively stable temperatures throughout the year, the third month of the year can enjoy the clemency of a thermometer that has not yet reached its zenith. Conversing with the warm Moroccans, enjoying a mint tea or tajine and admire the architectural treasures of the country is all the more enjoyable.


The “rainbow nation”, a patchwork of cultures and landscapes, astonishes the world with its destiny worthy of a Greek tragedy. Since it has returned to the path of dignity, South Africa has become an attraction of choice, which the month of March sublimates perfectly. If the north knows some spectacular stormy episodes, it is to compensate better with the hot heat which reigns there the day. But what would be a safari without sun? In the south, Cape Town’s Mediterranean climate offers a striking contrast to the sub-tropical climate of the Indian Ocean, which at this time of the year is relatively softening after three more intense months.


A country so vast necessarily multiplies the contrasts. Thus there are as many Indies as landscapes, castes and climates. If the north and the south are warmly filled in March, it is nothing compared to the center. The arrival of spring is celebrated in the country by many rejoicings. Holi, the feast of colors, revolutionizes the social rules and the relations between men and women during a highly pigmented day. In Jaipur, the elephant festival crushes the city of its pachydermal scale. March is also the best time to visit the majestic Tigers of Madhya Pradesh Reserves, in the center of the country.


March sees the tourist season burn its last rays in the Maldives. The essential is there: the archipelago still enjoys an exemplary climate of heat and lack of rain, while gradually emptying its visitors.  A paradise fringed with opaline sand, the Maldives offer a smile so sweet that it waterproofs the traveler once back under the showers.

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