Where To Go In France? Must See Destinations In France

Visit France … Do you have doubts? Let me tell you about medieval villages, beautiful surfing spots, sublime beaches on the French Riviera, huge flea markets and regional culinary specialties that you may not know yet. If you have decided to visit France, here is our selection of the best places to visit in France for memorable summer holidays.

Where To Go In France? Must See Destinations In France

1. Rocamadour

Where to go in France? Must see destinations in France. Perched on a hill in the South West, Rocamadour is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic villages of the Dordogne. It’s a safe bet that this beautiful UNESCO site is stealing your heart and exploding your Instagram account. Discover the castle. And lose yourself in the small cobbled streets of the city. You will leave relaxed and relaxed as after two weeks of Buddhist retreat. If you are staying in the Toulouse area, Rocamadour will be ideal for a day of adventure. Rent a car with the new friends you will be at the hostel and then in 2 hours you are there. Oh, and if you needed an extra argument: YES that’s where the delicious goat cheeses of the same name come from.

2. Lille

The street cred of Lille is more to do but in case you do not know, this city is just super cool and ideal for a weekend with friends when we are broke and we want to visit France. We love the Museum of Natural History which is really stylish, especially with its Insectarium (by the way, one of the best in the world). We also appreciate its citadel of the 17th century and especially its huge sell-off which is held every year in September. Like walking or negotiating, it digs, it is more than necessary to fill the can. We recommend the pizzeria Il Piccolino which serves inexpensive pizzas at all.

3. The Pilat Dune

Where to go in France? Must see destinations in France. It is hard to believe that we are in France when we find ourselves facing this huge white sand dune which extends over 616 m and is 110 m high, wedged between the ocean and a pine forest . With these dimensions, it is the highest dune in Europe, ideal for a beautiful roll-ball of death! Only an hour from Bordeaux, she can easily get on the road to visit the beaches of Hossegor or Biarritz!

4. The Red Collonges

Located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, Collonges-La-Rouge did not steal its name. This cute little town was not born of the last rain. Indeed, behind its red bricks hide more than 1000 years of history. Discover the Castel de Vassinhac, the very photogenic House of the Mermaid and in fact all the houses in the village that just want to let go and settle in the corner.

5. Nice

Where to go in France? Must see destinations in France. Nice is the second most popular city, after Paris, among the community of our travelers. It is possible to visit this beautiful city when you put your wallet on the diet. Already, you can sleep in hostels at 12 euros per night, then there are plenty of free things to do and eat for cheap and well is not hyper complicated. We advise you to rush on the “socca”, a thin cake made from chickpea flour and olive oil. It is typical of Nice and not expensive at all.

6. Etretat

With its ultra-famous cliffs, turquoise waters and long white sandy beaches, Étretat is without a doubt one of the most beautiful towns in Normandy. And maybe you did not know it but the city also has beautiful and bizarre gardens at the same time. At the top of the cliffs, overlooking the bay, these gardens are full of big heads and strange silhouettes!

7. Hossegor

Where to go in France? Must see destinations in France. I do not present it to surf lovers so much its reputation is great in the middle.

But for the uninitiated, know that Hossegor is one of the best places to surf in the world, thanks to its huge rolls present all year round and to its super-friendly surfer community. And since it’s not just surfing in life, it’s also possible to do lots of other cool things like paddle, windsurf, skate, bike and hike. You will not be bored at Hossegor. In addition, you will have the opportunity to sleep in one of the most beautiful hostels in France: the Jo & Joe Hossegor.

8. Issigeac

Issigeac is a small medieval village in Périgord steeped in history. With less than 1,000 inhabitants, expect a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. We suggest you get lost in its small cobbled streets, to ask you in his delicious church of Saint-Félicien and to savor a good white terrace. Every Sunday there is a small market of local products that will delight your taste buds and your pupils.

9. Paris

Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world and even if it’s ultra tourist and filled with Parisians grumbles, visiting France without making a trip would be a shame. And in addition, it is really possible to stay for cheap and hostels located in the heart of the city. In addition, there are plenty of free activities to do such as walking in the vineyards of Montmartre, watching people pass along the Canal Saint-Martin, strolling at the Puces de Clignancourt … And contrary to what we can think of, there are plenty of good places to eat inexpensive in Paris like the Heads of the District in the 13th or Miam-Miam (delicious Korean) rue Mouffetard. But if you really want to feel Parisian, the best thing is to go in a Monop ‘(yes, a Monop’ or a Franprix at the base) to buy something to picnic and then go on the banks from the Seine or in a park.

10. Bordeaux

Where to go in France? Must see destinations in France. Bordeaux is really a city where it is good to spend a long weekend. On site, you can of course enjoy good wines, but also enjoy food level. We think of vegans food trucks, hipster cafes and small local markets offering the best of local production. To eliminate all this, nothing like a stroll on the banks of the Gironde, or a little shopping in one of the many vintage shops in the city.

11. Mont Saint-Michel

It’s even more beautiful in real life than in pictures! You can avoid the crowd by going there for a weekend (or when it’s raining, too). The best is to get up early to witness a beautiful light falling on the monastery and then come back in the evening to attend one of the most beautiful sunsets that you will attend in your life. Tip: Avoid taking the shuttle and walk to the foot of the mountain. The ride is really worth it!

12. Castelnaud Chapel

Where to go in France? Must see destinations in FranceThis small village of Dordogne is one of the most beautiful villages in France. It’s like an illustration for a fairy tale with its little cobbled streets, pretty wooden shutters and the castle in the background. At two and a half hours from Bordeaux, come and relax!

13. Marseille

Marseille has long suffered from a reputation a little shady, but in recent years it has emerged as one of the most alternative and lively cities in France. Multicultural, modest and cool, Marseille is perfect for lovers of street art, skateboarding but also historical culture and beach. Oh, and of course, the sun. A nice and unusual thing to do and the Château d’If, sort of pre-Alcatraz, if you want. Located on a small island, this old prison is located from the Old Port. She was the set for the film The Count of Monte Cristo.

14. Roubaix

Roubaix has the reputation of a mining town that can put off more than one, yet this city has more than one asset in its bag. The city’s flagship attraction is the La Piscine Museum, an old Art Deco pool converted into a museum of art and industry. Just for that, if you are in Lille, it’s definitely worth it to spend the day! The structure of the pool has been preserved, the pool is still filled with water but instead of bathers there are sculptures, paintings and ceramics.

15. Montgenèvre

Where to go in France? Must see destinations in France. Right next to the Italian border, Montgenèvre is a great spot for outdoor activities. In summer, you can go hiking on paths lined with flowers and then cool off in the communal pool of the village. On the winter side, it is one of the cheapest ski resorts in the Alps. We advise you to recharge your batteries at Petit Creux, one of the best burgers in the area.

16. Lyon

Lyon is undoubtedly one of the best French cities to party, much like Paris but with fewer tourists. To enjoy it at its best, stall your stay with the Nuits Sonores festival, which turns the city into a huge playground for electro fans. In the cool things to do, there is also the huge canal flea market and the rooftop gardens of the Perrache train station.

17. Aigues-Mortes

At midday, at the edge of the sea, discover Aigues-Mortes a beautiful city loaded with history aged more than 1000 years. Stroll along the city walls and small streets and enjoy a delicious burger at Petit London. Then, we recommend you to take a good bowl of nature in the Camargue National Park where you can see flamingos and bulls. Finish the day on the beach in Espiguette and watch the sun go down with a good beer in hand.

18. Chantilly


Where to go in France? Must see destinations in France. Located in the great Parisian suburbs, Chantilly will take you on a journey back in time, towards the 17th century. Stroll through the beautiful gardens of the castle and indulge in a chantilly / strawberry pose in the park’s thatched cottage. It only takes 30 minutes from Paris to get there by train and come back relaxed.

19. Nimes

Just 25 minutes from the sea, Nîmes is the ideal destination to enjoy the South and the sun at very reasonable prices. Ancient Roman city, Nîmes has plenty of evidence of its historic past as the Maison Carrée, one of the few Roman temples still standing in the world, an ancient amphitheater (still better preserved than that of Rome) and the emblematic Pont du Gard. Who said we should go to Italy to take a good shot of Latin culture ?! If you are looking for a brunch cheap and above all very good, we highly recommend the creperie Le Frenchy.

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