Where To Go In Bahamas? Must See Tourist Sites In Bahamas

Going to the Bahamas, we all dream a little: we can see the most beautiful corals in the world, and divers who have tasted the transparency of its waters ask only one thing: visit it again! Where to go in Bahamas? The beaches and the seabed have largely contributed to the paradisiacal image of the archipelago.

Where To Go In Bahamas? Must See Tourist Sites In Bahamas

San Salvador

Where to go in Bahamas? San Salvador is a flagship destination for seaside tourism in the Bahamas. Here, the sun and the sea are at the rendezvous and allow the tourists to take full advantage of its beautiful beaches and its magnificent dive sites like Telephone Pole. Its seabed shelters wrecks and historical vestiges like the stele of Christopher Columbus where evolves a diversified and multicolored fauna.


Where to go in Bahamas? Inspired by Hemingway, birthplace of the fountain of youth, the Bimini Islands, an archipelago of the Bahamas located 80 km from Miami Beach captivate with their beautiful beaches and mysterious sites. Like fans of Windsurf, divers find their happiness. In particular, they can explore the underwater remains of Atlantis or the wrecks of ancient Picket Rock ships.

Dunmore Town

Where to go in Bahamas? An unmissable destination for discovering the Bahamas, Dunmore Town is the main city of Harbor Island located north of Eleuthera Island. Its beautiful beaches with pink sand, crystal clear waters and exotic vegetation make it a popular destination for tourists. Fans of ancient architecture are also unlikely to be disappointed by its colorful Victorian wooden houses.


Where to go in Bahamas? Unlike other, somewhat remote destinations, Freeport is a particularly lively Greater Bahama city. The boredom is not likely to be at the rendezvous since apart from activities related to the beach such as water-skiing, windsurfing or scuba diving, it is also possible to make a historic escape to the discovery pre-Columbian sites of Lucaya.

George Town

Where to go in Bahamas? Chief town of Exuma, the town of George Town is 20 km from Paradise Bay. This busy seaport is a prime destination for lovers of beautiful beaches and water sports. In addition to windsurfing and scuba diving, the annual regattas are among the main attractions of this city.


Where to go in Bahamas? Old Blackbeard landmark, Nassau is today a stopover to see the true face of the Bahamas. Here, marine activities such as windsurfing or diving really have the coast. Its colonial charm comes from the centuries-old architecture of its historic center. It’s hard to talk about Nassau without mentioning Paradise Island, a tourist attraction, located only a few kilometers away.


Where to go in Bahamas? Exumas is an archipelago of the Bahamas composed of 365 islands, which extends in the ocean for more than 200 kilometers. Its many islets are poetically named “The Pearls”. White sand and azure ocean delight visitors. The clarity of the water is unheard, it allows to easily observe the marine biodiversity.

Matthew Town

Where to go in Bahamas? Matthew Town is the main city of the Inagua district of Bahamas. The salt industry has been major on the island for several decades. Located in the heart of a paradise environment between white sand and clear water, the destination is ideal for seaside activities: idleness, swimming and diving.

Clarence Town

Where to go in Bahamas? Clarence Town is a small town in the Bahamas, located on Long Island. It has a marina, an Anglican church and a second Roman. Its main asset however remains its idyllic environmental setting with its white sand beaches and its breathtaking blue waters.

Twin Lakes

Where to go in Bahamas? Twin Lake is a former sisal plantation, dating from the 19th century. Located on the island of Andros, it is difficult to access but worth the detour. The farm is now in ruins but the two lakes, formerly used for culture, are still present on the site and are a popular attraction.

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