Where To Go In Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the perfect place to spend an extended weekend with friends or with your darling. To visit Amsterdam in the best conditions, here are top 10 places not to be missed.

Where To Go In Amsterdam?

1. Prinsengracht

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with many channels. It is not for nothing that the city is nicknamed the Venice of the North. What to do and where to go in Amsterdam? Discover on foot or by bike the canals including the Prinsengracht (the Prince’s Canal in Flemish), one of the most famous of them.

2. Anne Frank House

If you are passionate about history, enjoy your stay in Amsterdam and your stroll along the Prince’s canal to visit the house of Anne Franck, known for his diary that revealed how the daily life of Jews at the hours the darkest of the Holocaust. Glacier, but very informative, this place is a must if you want to visit Amsterdam during a weekend. Count 1 hour to 1 hour 30 to make the visit.

3. Vondelpark

If, during your weekend in Amsterdam, the weather is good, continue your visit of Amsterdam by taking the direction of Vondelpark, a beautiful park of 48 hectares located close to the city center. On the way, go through the place Max Euwe, located close to the park and is famous for its giant chessboard.

4. Rijksmuseum

During your weekend in Amsterdam, if it is not too late and you are an art enthusiast, walk towards the Rijksmuseum, one of the most famous museums in Amsterdam, famous for hosting many paintings of Dutch masters. We regret, however, the relatively high price of the museum: € 17.50 for an adult ticket, but it is true that visiting Amsterdam, a city of culture and art, without visiting the Rijksmuseum would be a pity.

5. Jordaan

The day is already well advanced, and fatigue comes after all these visits to Amsterdam and these walks … If you want to rest after this day, go to Jordaan, one of the most chic neighborhoods of Amsterdam. You can admire many art galleries, eat or just have a beer on the terrace! Visit Amsterdam is not easy as the places to discover are many, a break will not be luxury.

6. Red light district

In addition to the affectionate nickname “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam also has a reputation as a sulphurous city. After all, this city is home to more than 200 coffeeshops (where you can not just drink coffee) and is also home to the Red Light District, a district where hundreds of prostitutes rent cabins that have been visible since pavement. Whether one approves of such practices or not, one thing is certain: the red light district forges the identity of the city, it is a place to see when one wishes to visit Amsterdam.

7. Royal Palace

After a restful night, where to go in Amsterdam? Wake up and explore the city center on foot and enjoy your second day visiting the Royal Palace. Built in the 17th century and nicknamed by the locals the “8th wonder of the world” the place is monumental, it must be said.


8. Van Gogh Museum

If you like museums, enjoy your weekend in Amsterdam and visit the Van Gogh Museum, the other famous museum in the city, where you can admire many works of this famous painter. Just like the Rijksmuseum, it is difficult to visit Amsterdam without stopping in this place.

Did you know ? While Van Gogh is today one of the most famous Dutch painters, during his lifetime he was misunderstood and had managed to sell only one painting. He died in poverty.

9. Wooden houses of Amsterdam

In the 15th century, following two huge fires that ravaged Amsterdam, it was forbidden to build wooden houses … but the existing ones were of course not demolished. 6 centuries later, there are only two wooden houses in Amsterdam located in Begijnhof 34 and Zeedijk 1. Can you find them during your visit to Amsterdam?

10. Sex Museum

If museums too serious bother you, enjoy a visit to the Jordaan district to visit the sex museum, that’s also what visiting Amsterdam. Very cheap – the entrance costs just € 4 – you will discover in this museum the history of libertinage in the course of history. The museum also houses themed rooms – such as the Marquis de Sade’s room – and many unmistakable sculptures and objects. Although a little kitsch and tourist catches on the edges, this museum is nonetheless an interesting place to visit with friends. Red Light District or sex museum, hard to visit Amsterdam without discovering at least one of these places.

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