Where To Go And What To Do In San Diego?

San Diego California is a coastal city located not far from the Mexican border. Where to go and what to do in San Diego? You will discover it through this guide, places of interest are many and varied for holidays in the United States absolutely unforgettable.

Where To Go And What To Do In San Diego?

The museum of USS Midway

Where to go and what to do in San Diego? The museum of the USS Midway of course! The USS Midway was an aircraft carrier owned by the US Navy. He sailed from 1945 to 1992 and welcomes you today to introduce you to his engine room, his deck, his planes, etc. Put yourself in the shoes of sailors who have traveled aboard the USS Midway and take the time to get into a flight simulator, thrills guaranteed. The interest of this visit is to better understand the back of the scene by entering the kitchens of this aircraft carrier and night quarters of the crew. Difficult to visit San Diego without going to discover this major place for the US Navy.

Little Italy

Your visit to San Diego will take you to a major district, Little Italy, where Italian fishermen lived. Today, it is a must for its dynamism, there are many restaurants, breweries, urban cellars, shops and art galleries. If you want to go shopping, have dinner or party, it’s definitely here that you have to come.

Balboa Park

Where to go and what to do in San Diego if you want to get some fresh air? This public park is a perfect place. It owes its name to a Spanish explorer, Vasco Núñez de Balboa (and not to Rocky Balboa!) And was created in 1868. It covers 4.9 km² and hosts both green spaces, museums , theaters, shops as well as the zoo of the city which we will talk about further. Balboa Park has been declared a National Historic Landmark since 1977. If you are a big cactus lover and are looking for something to do in San Diego, you will be here in paradise, the desert garden is home to many.

The Old Town district

Another area to discover if you are looking for something to do in San Diego, the Old Town neighborhood. This area will take you back in time to the time of the gold diggers as it is home to the Old Town State Historic Park. Here you will discover a mix of American and Mexican culture and experience strange experiences by visiting an old cemetery and a haunted house.

The Star of India

Where to go and what to do in San Diego? Built in 1863 on the Isle of Man, the Star of India is a three-masted barque that sits today at the dock at the San Diego Maritime Museum in California. Originally named Euterpe, this three-mastered square was sold in 1901 to the Alaska Packers’ Association of San Francisco and was modified to take its current form. It is in 1906 that it takes the name of Star of India. If it still sails once a year, it houses maritime museum exhibits that you can discover during your visit to San Diego.

La Jolla Cove

If you’re looking for things to do in San Diego, take a stroll on Jolla Cove, a beautiful beach nestled between the cliffs. Located north of the city, this beach is both popular with swimmers and divers, the Cove of Jolla offering visibility in the water of up to ten meters and underwater life is particularly abundant. This area is preserved, fishing is prohibited.

The San Diego Zoo

If you are visiting San Diego with your family, head to the city‘s zoo in the heart of Balboa Park. Opened in 1915, it now covers 40 hectares and has no less than 800 species for 4,000 animals. Its goal is to create a natural space where animals and visitors feel good. The city‘s zoo works to protect endangered species. Here you can admire giant pandas, lions, orangutans and other white rhinos.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Visit San Diego allows you a second time to admire animals, but in another way. This time, head to the San Pasqual Valley Zoo for a safari among lions, rhinos, gazelles, giraffes and other savanna animals. But you can also walk and admire the tigers with the Tiger Trail. Beyond animals, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park features many botanical species.

SeaWorld San Diego

Your trip to San Diego, California is definitely about family fun, this time with an amusement park not to be missed. We discover an aquarium with killer whales and dolphins in particular but also many attractions for the whole family, from the fast river on buoys to roller coasters to 4D cinema and rides for children.

Taste local specialties

We answered the question “where to go and what to do in San Diego?” Now, find out where to eat. One of the typical dishes of the city is the ramen burrito consisting of ramen noodles, eggs, a steak, shallots, all in a rolled tortilla. The city has great Mexican influences in gastronomy. If you want to eat Mexican, go to Taco Stand.

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