Where To Go And What To Do In Philadelphia?

Visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, is a true cultural adventure as well as a way to experience a multi-faceted city. Museums, street art, local specialties, you will love to get to know this city. Where to go and what to do in Philedelphia?

Where To Go And What To Do In Philadelphia?

One Liberty Observation Deck

Your Philadelphia tour starts at the top of the One Liberty Place. At the top of this square is the One Liberty Observation Deck, a 57th floor walkway. After meeting Benjamin Franklin, or at least a sculpture of his likeness, admire a 360 ° view of the city to visit Philadelphia from another angle. This place can be visited during the day to contemplate all the details of the city or in the evening to enjoy, as a bonus, a sunset.

The Barnes Foundation

Where to go and what to do in Philadelphia? The Barnes Foundation obviously. If you love culture and would like to visit Philadelphia in 2 days, do not hesitate to privilege this place. Albert C. Barnes was a passionate pharmacist of art. He devoted a portion of his fortune to the purchase of works. Its foundation is home to the largest private collection of Impressionist paintings in the world. And the numbers make you dizzy: 181 Renoir, 69 Cézanne, 59 Matisse, 46 Picasso, 21 Soutine, 18 Douanier Rousseau, 16 Modigliani, 11 Degas, 7 Van Gogh and 6 Seurat. All for an estimated $ 25 million collection. But beyond the nature of his works, Barnes had wanted a specific implementation with a classification by color, theme, size tables, not by author.

The Benjamin Franklin Museum

If you’re looking for something to see and somewhere to go in Philadelphia, you’ll soon realize that Benjamin Franklin is very present in this city. This time, it is his museum that we propose to visit. Dedicated to this man of many talents (inventor, writer, printer, naturalist, etc.) who is also considered as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, this playful and interactive museum.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway

This 1.6 km avenue is a must if you want to visit Philadelphia in 1 day. Why ? Simply because it is on this side of the city that we find many museums, the City Hall, the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, the public library, etc. Want to ask a little between two visits? See you at Swann Memorial Fountain.

The Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts

Since you’re on the side of Benjamin Franklin Parkway, this is the perfect time to talk to you about the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you’re still looking for what to do and where to go in Philadelphia, the city’s largest art museum welcomes you to discover Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers or Monet’s Japanese Bridge. If this museum is a staple of your visit to Philadelphia, it is also because it turns into a late afternoon exchange place. We drink a glass, we attend conferences. In short, this museum is to discover at different times of the day.

Magic Gardens

What to do and where to go in Philadelphia? Imperatively the Magics Gardens. So be careful, it’s not strictly speaking gardens. This is a place where art expresses freely (or almost because the owner of the place has considered destroying the work of the artist Isaiah Zagar before being confronted with a population eager to keep this space unique). Mosaics, colors, objects, volumes game, you will take plenty of eyes. If you are sightseeing in Philadelphia, consider going through here.

The haunted penitentiary

This is a surprising place to discover if you plan to visit Philadelphia. The Eastern State Penitentiary looks more like a medieval castle than a prison even if one is struck by entry by its austere appearance. Some consider that this place where in particular has been imprisoned Al Capone is haunted. To get in the mood, it’s great to participate in the Terror Behind the Walls, an evening visit that will not fail to make you tremble and enjoy this special atmosphere.

Contemplate urban wall art

Where to go and what to do in Philadelphia? The Mural Arts Program (MAP) project began a few decades ago. The aim was to fight against graffiti, so it was decided to create 3500 frescoes by community groups. And the result is bluffing. Scenes from everyday life, optical illusion, urban art is here in its best light, to discover imperatively if you are visiting Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Zoo

Looking for things to do with family in Philadelphia? See you at the zoo of the city. Reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, you will be able to meet a large number of various animals. The Philadelphia Zoo is home to tigers, alligators, lynxes, flamingos, Galapagos turtles, and more. And this zoo is regularly the place of beautiful births, you will be able, according to the moment of your visit of Philadelphia, to contemplate babies red pandas, baby gibbons or even baby penguins.

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