Where To Go And What To Do In Haute Corse?

This time we are interested in the northernmost department of Corsica. Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? The places of interest in Haute Corse are not lacking, let’s take a look at the essentials of your stay in Corsica. 

Where To Go And What To Do In Haute Corse?

Cape Corsica

It is above Bastia that we discover Cap Corse. Here, several solutions are available to you to discover this place of interest of Haute Corse. While some will take the hiking trails to discover this cape between land and sea, others will leave for a road trip for a day. We can indeed go around Cap Corse by car to admire all the atmospheres. Of course, during your walk, do not forget to stop at one of the beaches of Cap Corse, from Miomo beach to Sisco beach and Giottani beach. Doing tourism in northern Corsica and in particular in Cap Corse, it is also stop in places such as Nonza unavoidable.


Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? If Calvi is a place of interest of Haute-Corse, it is undoubtedly for its citadel. This place full of history evokes all the Corsican warrior past and the various invasions. Let us not forget that Calvi was still destroyed during the second half of the fifth century. It was during the Genoese occupation (hence the presence of many Genoese towers in Corsica), that it was considered that new fortifications could be necessary in addition to the castle of Vecchio Castello. The citadel of Calvi was built during several centuries and is now a must for tourism in North Corsica, especially as its ascent allows to admire a magnificent view of the Mediterranean.


Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? Another must-see city in Haute-Corse: Bastia. This city located on the shores of the Mediterranean seduces with its charming port, its cathedral and, of course, its Governor’s Palace built by the Genoese. We also like to cross the streets in search of souvenirs or have a drink facing the sea. And if the weather allows it, do not hesitate to take a tour of the surrounding beaches.

Sant Antonino

Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? Located in Balagne, Sant Antonino is a major place of interest in Haute-Corse. If you go to the tourist office in North Corsica, you will naturally be invited to visit this village listed among the most beautiful villages in France. At 500 m altitude, between sea and mountains, it offers you to browse its charming streets. Reaching the top of the village deserves but the reward is up to the effort with a panoramic view of the valley and the sea.


Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? Located on the wine route of Corsica, Saint-Florent is a town of Haute-Corse which is among the most popular in the region. It opens on the Gulf of the same name where beautiful beaches are available to you, including the beach of Roya or the beach of Saleccia. Here, we like to stroll along the marina and have a drink in front of the boats or discover the heart of the village with the beautiful citadel of Saint-Florent.

Ile Rousse

Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? Located Balagne, not far from Calvi, Ile Rousse is also a place of interest of Haute Corse. If you are looking for places to visit in Northern Corsica in the backpacker, you will see, Ile Rousse is one of the must-sees. The city of Pascal Paoli has three beaches, you can take a break to picnic or swim. You can also admire its red rocks that gave it the name of “Isola Rossa” until 1848.


Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? Village perched in the heart of the mountains, Corte is a village in Haute-Corse which reveals its lane alley charms. Put on your walking shoes, get to the top of Corte’s deserve. Certainly, we can drive there but admit that the charm is not the same. When you reach the top, you will admire a unique view of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

The most beautiful beaches of Haute-Corse

Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? The beaches of Northern Corsica have nothing to envy to those of the south, although Corsica-South is known for its heavenly places. Among the beaches that we advise you to discover in Haute-Corse are Ghjunchitu beach, the beach of Nonza with its volcanic gray pebbles, the charming beach of Algajola and, of course, the beach of Saleccia on the side of Saint-Florent.

Lake Melo

Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? If you go to the tourist office of North Corsica to know where to make a beautiful hike, it is a safe bet that it will propose to go to Lake Melo. Located at 1,711 meters above sea level, it is located near Capitello Lake, in the Restonica Valley. Frozen for more than 8 months a year, it promises you a cool swim if you feel like putting on your swimsuit for a break during your hike.

The Agriates desert

Where to go and what to do in Haute Corse? This desert is located east of Balagne. It is bordered by the massif of Serra di Tenda and the Mediterranean. Between land and sea, the desert of Agriates is a perfect place for a hike but also to get to the beach, many charming places welcome you. Here and there we discover small streams. And if you do not like walking, it is customary to travel the Agriates desert in 4 × 4, you will not miss to see this type of vehicles around this place.

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