Where To Go And What To Do In Granada?

Granada is a city in Spain located in Andalusia less than an hour from the Mediterranean. This charming city will seduce you with its medieval architecture that you will admire the time of a walk, but also by its museums and its natural environment. Where to go and what to do in Granada? It’s gone for a nice stay in Spain.

Where To Go And What To Do In Granada?

The Alhambra

Let’s begin our tour of Granada with the Alhambra, a palatial ensemble located on the Sablika plateau, which is one of the major monuments of Islamic architecture. Here, you will dominate the city, but will especially have the chance to admire an incredible medieval acropolis. It is composed of the Alcazaba, the Generalife, the Palace of Charles V and the Nasrid palaces. You will also discover the gardens of the Partal, a set of successive stages with palm trees and a charming basin facing the portico of the Ladies Tower. This place is a must for your trip to Granada in Spain, now discover some of its major elements.


Where to go and what to do in Granada? This time it is a summer palace occupied by the Nasrid princes, an Arab dynasty. Because, remember that the Alhambra is a witness of the history and in particular of the Moslem presence in Spain from the 8th to the 15th century. This bucolic place par excellence will make you fall under its spell between its various rooms, its gardens, its patios and its staircase of waters which was created to refresh the air and to offer a little more comfort to the occupants of the palace. It can be found in various places in Spain, especially in municipal gardens. In the same spirit, admire the jets of ceremonial water from the patio of the Acequia. Generalife (Jannat al-Arif) is really a place to discover if you are sightseeing in Granada.

The Alcazaba

Where to go and what to do in Granada? Another part of the Alhambra that we want to offer you: the Alcazaba. This is one of the oldest parts of this place, the ninth century is mentioned for its construction. Long abandoned, the Alcazaba was restored from the late nineteenth century. Its tower served to observe the military troops in the plain of Granada, today you can, during your visit, take advantage of the strategic position of the Alcazaba to benefit from an exceptional sight on the city and on the peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

The Granada Museum of Fine Arts

Another place other spirit, we suggest you visit the Museum of Fine Arts if you do not know where to go and what to do in Granada. It was built in 1839 and was originally in a former Dominican convent. It is now in the palace of Charles V that we mentioned earlier. Here, you will admire paintings and sculptures from the 15th to the 20th century. Many paintings are related to religion since some of the works in this museum come from religious foundations. Ramirez, De Moya, Cano or Torni, these are some of the artists exhibited in this museum.

The Albaicin of Granada

Where to go and what to do in Granada? Let’s go this time to Albaicin, an old Arab neighborhood built on a hill. Its cobbled streets, its white houses, its flowery balconies, this place is once again a must for your visit to Granada. Going to the viewpoint of St. Nicholas, you will get a nice view of the Alhambra. This district is a place full of life to discover the evening, many artists come to sing or dance flamenco in the street.

The Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Granada

Where to go and what to do in Granada? This museum is also a place to discover if you are visiting Granada in Spain. Opened in 1879, it exhibits collections of works and prehistoric objects, ancient and medieval. These objects are related to the region and bear witness to its evolution over the centuries, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.

The park Federico-García-Lorca

Where to go and what to do in Granada? Your visit to Granada takes you this time to an urban park, the Federico Garcia-Lorca Park, which owes its name to a Spanish artist, painter, poet and playwright. One discovers there also the holiday home of his parents that his sister bequeathed to the city. You will be able to visit this place which remained intact. Outside, you will enjoy the shade of palm trees to rest between two visits to Granada and admire a beautiful variety of trees and roses.

The San Agustín mercado

If you are still looking for things to do and place to go in Granada, we offer an immersion in the local culture. This very large market offers fruits, vegetables, olives, charcuterie and many other local products, but also craft products such as lace and other fabrics. An ideal place if you want to do some supplies to go for a picnic at Federico Garcia-Lorca Park.

The Palace of Olvidados

Where to go and what to do in Granada? The palace of the Forgotten ones is visited since 2014 only. Dedicated to the Jewish community, it traces its complex history in Spain, its customs, and highlights Jewish characters in the image of Yehuda ibn Tibbon, a translator, linguist and rabbi, major figure of Judaism in Spain which we find a statue at the entrance of the Jewish quarter of the city. To visit Granada without going through this palace would be a pity.

Eat in the oldest bar in Granada

Finally, if you are looking for place to go and things to do in Granada, you can not stop in one of the most emblematic places in the city, the Bodegas Castaneda, which is the oldest bar in the city. This institution is a perfect establishment to enjoy tapas, unavoidable in Spain, but also to eat various local specialties.

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