Where To Go And What To Do In Calcutta?

Calcutta (Kolkata) is the third largest city in the country after Delhi and Mumbai with 14 million inhabitants. Calcutta is a city that does not lack places to visit. But where to go and what to do in Calcutta? Here is a list for travellers

Where To Go And What To Do In Calcutta (Kolkata)?

Fort William

Where to go and what to see in Calcutta (Kolkata)? Let’s start with Fort William, a building built in 1696 near the Hooghly River. Although it now serves as headquarters for the East Command of the Indian Army, it was built under the aegis of the British, it also takes its name from William III, King of England from 1689 to 1702 Assaulted by the Mughals, it was rebuilt in 1781. Beyond its architectural appearance, Fort William is an interesting passage from your visit to Calcutta (Kolkata) because of the weapons museum it houses.

The Victoria Memorial

Another building that owes its name to a sovereign of England (remember that before 1947, year of independence, India was under the control of the United Kingdom). It is in honor of Queen Victoria that this white marble monument was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and there is also a large statue of the Queen at the entrance of the Victoria Memorial. Its architecture is a subtle blend of European and Asian elements, including Mughals. To visit Calcutta (Kolkata), is to discover this place which seduces on the one hand by its gardens, on the other hand by its museum dedicated to the history of Calcuta (Kolkata).

The Indian Museum

Originally, this museum was within the walls of the Asiatic Society of Calcutta. Created in 1814, it was transferred in 1878 to the current Italian Renaissance building, only 1 km from Victoria Memorial and Fort William. This museum is fascinating in that it is interested in many disciplines, from archeology to geology through zoology and botany. It is besides a botanist, Nathaniel Wallich, who founded the Indian Museum. If you do not know where to go and what to do in Calcutta (Kolkata), this place is really wonderful to visit.

Dakshineswar Kali temple

Where to go in Calcutta (Kolkata)? Undoubtedly this magnificent Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali who gave it its name. Built between 1847 and 1855, it owes its existence to a rich widow who would have dreamed of Kali asking him to build a temple in Calcutta. One finds here in particular a statue of Kali as well as 12 small sanctuaries dedicated to Shiva, a Hindu God.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you still do not know where to go in Calcutta (Kolkata), we invite you to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, a gothic religious building built between 1839 and 1847. It was also built during the time when England controlled India . It is inspired, particularly at the tower and spire, from Norwich Cathedral in Norfolk County. Destroyed twice, it was rebuilt in 1938, this time on the model of Canterbury Cathedral. Stained glass, frescoes, this white cathedral is worth visiting if you plan to go to India.

The marble palace

Where to go and what to do in Calcutta (Kolkata)? A Bengali mansion, this palace owes its name to the abundance of its marble. Place of pomp, it is still today inhabited by the Mullick family who built it in the nineteenth century. However, some is open to the public. This neo-classical building is one of the few to have been preserved, many other buildings of this style have been abandoned or fragmented, so this is a place of interest for your tour in India. Outside, you can discover a pleasure garden and a bird park with some monkeys.

The house of Tagore

If you are still looking for places to go and things to do in Calcutta during your tour in India, we suggest you visit Tagore’s house, Thakurbari. This former residential palace built in the eighteenth century is a museum dedicated to Rabindranath Thakur said Tagore. Born and died in this place, Tagore was at once a poet, novelist, playwright, philosopher, composer and painter. In this museum you will discover the Tagore family’s history as well as its commitment to the Bengali renaissance movement.

Horse men

If you decide to visit Calcutta (Kolkata) during the monsoon, you can discover another part of its culture by crossing those who are called men-horses or rickshawalas. During this period, when the streets are flooded, cars can not circulate. Also, some men, to make a living, carry in kind of carts, with the strength of the arms, the people who wish to move without getting wet.

Go to the restaurant in Calcutta

Can not go to India without stopping at one of Calcutta’s restaurants. Indian cuisine has crossed borders, but it is indeed in India that we taste the best. Want a snack? Head to Kusum Rolls for delicious rolls with various ingredients. Do you prefer to sit at a table? Have a meal at Dum Pukht to sample local cuisine including some very good mezes.

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