Where To Go And What To Do In Albania?

Located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, Albania is one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans. Where to go and what to do in Albania? The country is home to breathtaking beaches, Roman ruins, caves, monasteries and 12 national parks. In addition, Albania remains a relatively cheap destination!

Where To Go And What To Do In Albania?

When to go to Albania?

Want to know which is the best month to go to Albania? Located in southern Europe (the capital Tirana has the same latitude as Barcelona), the Albanian climate is of the “Mediterranean” type with relatively rainy winters and hot, dry summers.

In general, it is better to go to Albania between May and September – October. The climate in Vlorë is a bit more favorable on the weather side if you want to leave in the spring or autumn in Albania.

Summer (June, July, August) is the best time of year to visit Albania. The climate being hot and dry in summer, you will be guaranteed to spend a beautiful sunny holiday. September is also an interesting month. The temperatures (average 27 ° C in the afternoon) are very pleasant, the risk of rain is limited, and there are far fewer tourists than in summer.

If you do not like the heat, leave in mid-season, in May or October. Average temperatures are 12 ° C in the morning and 23 ° C in the afternoon, and the risk of rain (it rains 1 day out of 3) remains acceptable.

Thus, for the weather in Tirana, the typical temperatures are:

• Winter: 2 ° C in the morning, 12 ° C in the afternoon. It rains every other day.

• Summer: 17 ° C in the morning, 31 ° C in the afternoon. It’s raining one day in six.

For the weather in Vlorë, one of the main seaside resorts in the country, typical temperatures are:

• Winter: 6 ° C in the morning, 14 ° C in the afternoon. It rains every other day.

• Summer: 19 ° C in the morning, 30 ° C in the afternoon. It’s raining one day in ten.

Good to know about the weather in Albania: the interior of the country is mountainous. Mount Korab (the highest point in the country) is 2,753 meters high. If you plan to hike in the mountains, consider taking warm clothes. It can be cold in the mountains even in summer, as temperatures drop by 6 ° C every time you climb 1000 meters in altitude.

1. Where To Go In Albania?

What cities to visit in Albania? In order to help you organize your stay, here is a list (not exhaustive) of interesting cities to visit in Albania:

Walking around Shkoder

Located in the northwest of the country on the shores of the lake of the same name, Shkoder is one of the oldest cities in the country. You can admire the majestic castle of Rozafa and especially take the time to immerse yourself in the culture of the country.

Marvel at Tirana

Of course, you should visit the capital of Albania! Tirana is a capital city with a population of 800,000. The city is home to many parks and is surrounded by mountains. Take the funicular that reaches the summit of Mount Dajt. From the top of the mountain, you can admire a fabulous panorama of the city below.


Relax in Vlorë

Vlorë is the main seaside resort of the country. Located in the south of the country, the city is home to numerous beaches and ferries run between Vlorë and Brindisi, Italy. It has the advantage of enjoying a beautiful climate, so it is ideal for going off-season in Albania.

Spend a day or two in Berat

Nicknamed the “city of 1000 windows” because of its unique Ottoman architecture, Berat is one of the oldest cities in Albania. The historic center of Berat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you like city trips and you want a weekend in Albania, you’ll be thrilled by Berat!

Himara, on the Albanian Riviera

Surrounded by mountains and idyllic beaches, Himara is one of the most beautiful cities of the “Albanian Riviera”. Do not miss to visit the picturesque surrounding villages. Himara is located 100 km south of Vlora. If you travel by car, count a good three hours drive.

Sarandë, to swim in Albania

Sarandë is located at the southern end of the country, just opposite the Greek island of Corfu. The city is famous for its heavenly beaches and turquoise blue sea. If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Albania, you should find your happiness.

Krujë, to go back in time

Located in the heart of the mountain, Krujë is a picturesque village renowned for its medieval houses and its castle, now converted into a museum.

Celebrate the beer in Korçë

What to do and where to go in Albania? Located in the south-east of the country near the Greek border, Korçë is a small town known for its magnificent Orthodox cathedral. If you like big spaces, do not hesitate to hike in the mountains and the surrounding countryside. If you love hops, know that the city organizes each year in August a huge beer festival. Cheers !

Gjirokastër, classified UNESCO

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gjirokastër is – like Berat – famous for its buildings dating from the Ottoman era. Do not miss to visit the vast castle – which was once used as a prison.

Good places in Tirana

Where to go and what to do in Tirana, Albania?

Where to eat in Tirana?

Looking for a good restaurant address in Tirana? Tirana has more than 400 restaurants offering all types of cuisine. If you like Mediterranean cuisine, we suggest you take a walk to “Health” or “Ballkoni Dajtit”, a restaurant where you can dine while admiring Mount Dajt. As its name suggests, the restaurant “Delicatezze Di Mare” offers delicious dishes based on fish and seafood. Bon appétit!

Where to go out in Tirana?

Where to have a drink in Tirana? Tirana has many nightlife bars, such as the Brauhaus (a German-style bar) or the Irish pub “Meduza” where you can enjoy a drink. To go out at night in Tirana will not ruin you. For your information, note that a pint of beer costs an average of € 1, and a cocktail in a trendy bar will cost you an average of € 4.

What to eat in Albania?

Where to go and what to do in Albania? Want to know what culinary specialties to taste in Albania? Albanian gastronomy is of the Mediterranean type; it gives pride of place to Mediterranean vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, olives …) and fish. Influenced over the centuries by Ottoman, Greek and Italian civilizations, the Albanian gastronomy is full of culinary specialties such as goulash, baklava, pita bread or boza (fermented drink). If it’s hot, do not forget to try tarator, a cold yoghurt cucumber soup. It is delicious and very refreshing.

Where To Go And What To Do In Albania?

Which museums to visit in Albania?

Between its medieval cities and its fortresses, Albania is a country with a rich history. Here is a list (not exhaustive) of some museums to visit to learn more about this small country of the Balkans.

• National History Museum (Tirana): An excellent museum to learn more about Albanian history and culture, from Roman times to contemporary times, to the dark years of dictatorship in the communist era .

• Archaeological Museum of Durrës: Built during the reign of Emperor Trajan, the amphitheater of Durrës could accommodate up to 20,000 people. To learn more about this Roman work and the history of the city, do not miss a visit to the archaeological museum.

• Gjirokastër Castle: Overlooking the valley, this castle was once used as a prison.

• The small town of Korçë is home to two interesting museums. The Museum of Oriental Art and the Museum of Medieval Art, where you can admire beautiful icons.

What are the most beautiful beaches in Albania?

Albania is home to 362 kilometers of coastline. The most beautiful beaches for swimming in Albania lie along the “Albanian Riviera” near Himara, in the south of the country. The advantage is that the roads are in better condition in the south of the country, and besides, the beaches are breathtaking as well as the landscapes.

Here are some beaches among the most beautiful beaches of Albania not to be missed during your stay:

  • Borsh Beach
  • Bunec Beach
  • Himara Beach
  • Ksamil Beach
  • Palasa Beach

Where to go and what to do in Albania? In addition to museums and beaches, Albania is the heir to a long history and is home to 12 national parks. Here is a list of some places to visit in Albania:

• Butrint: a Roman city not far from Sarandë

• Syri i kaltër: Nicknamed “the blue eye” because of the purity of its waters, this artesian well is a popular attraction for locals and foreign tourists.

• Dajti Ekspres: this funicular will allow you to reach the top of Mount Dajt, which will allow you to enjoy a little coolness and admire a beautiful panorama of the city of Tirana, below.

• Durrës Amphitheater: a beautiful Roman amphitheater that could accommodate up to 20,000 people in its hour of glory.

• Lake Komani: Nothing like a cruise to admire the beauty of this lake which is located at the bottom of a narrow valley and surrounded by majestic mountains.

• Apollonia: Located near the town of Fier, the archaeological site will allow you to admire an ancient Greek city, but also a beautiful Orthodox church.

• Lake Shköder: Situated on horseback between Albania and Montenegro, this beautiful lake is turquoise blue waters is surrounded by swimming. You can swim or take a bike ride around the lake.

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