Where To Go And What To Do In Adelaide Australia?

Adelaide is a city in southern Australia that opens onto the Gulf of St. Vincent. It is the capital of South Australia, it has more than 1.3 million inhabitants. Where to go and what to do in Adelaide? From museums to natural spaces, Adelaide will satisfy your desires for discovery. Good visit !

Where To Go And What To Do In Adelaide Australia?

Mount Lofty

This Adelaide tour to Australia will take you first to Mount Lofty. It rises to 727 m and houses a lighthouse that was destroyed at the end of the Second World War before returning to its place in 1990. If this mount has a special interest, it is that it offers a beautiful hike for fans walk, but above all, it offers a unique perspective on the city to visit Adelaide from another angle. Interesting to discover the evening to contemplate the illuminated city.

The Adelaide Zoo

Now go to the city‘s zoo, a place to discover if you’re looking for something to do in Adelaide with your family. It is in the center of the city, in the Park Lands, founded in 1883. This non-profit park hosts 1800 animals of 300 different species. Here, you will enjoy recently installed enclosures that give the impression of walking in the jungle among wild animals. Among the animals present in this zoo, include giant pandas, orangutans, Sumatran tigers, giraffes, tapirs Malay or the pink flamingos of Chile.

The Museum of South Australia

It was in 1856 that the South Australian Museum was born. It is located on North Terrace and houses a large collection of Australian artifacts made by Aboriginals in particular, but also photographs. This museum is divided into several galleries, one of which is dedicated to ancient Egypt with no less than 650 objects. Others are devoted to mammals, fossils, Australian biodiversity, etc. If you do not know what to do and where to go in Adelaide, this very eclectic museum is to discover imperatively.

The South Australian Art Museum

Where to go and what to do in Adelaide? The Art Gallery of South Australia is an inescapable museum founded in 1881 which, until 1967, was named National Gallery of South Australia. It houses a collection of major works from Australia, but also from around the world. You can admire paintings by Michelangelo, Manet, Delacroix, Renoir, Goya or Rubens. The National Museum of South Australia also hosts a number of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Morialta Conservation Park

Where to go and what to do in Adelaide? We offer you this time to go to the Morialta Conservation Park, a beautiful natural area crossed by the Fourth River where you can contemplate beautiful waterfalls and the Gorges de Morialta. Quartz cliffs, rocky basins, hiking trails, surrounded by parrots and koalas, this park will enchant you.

Belair National Park

Another park to discover if you do not know what to see in Adelaide: Belair National Park. Spread over 835 hectares, this place inaugurated in 1891 was inhabited by the Kaurna people. Here, activities abound as you can indulge in golf, swim, observe many species of birds, admire a variety of wildlife and enjoy a pleasant natural environment.

The Adelaide Migration Museum

Return to the museum if you continue to visit Adelaide. This time, we invite you to visit the Museum of Migrations of Adelaide. Between permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, this place deals with the social history of the city through its migratory movements and aims to promote the cultural diversity that reigns in Adelaide.

Onkaparinga River National Park

Where to go and what to do in Adelaide? It is about thirty kilometers to the south of the city that is the Onkaparinga River National Park. You will understand, a stay in Adelaide allows you to change the environment completely and enjoy the Australian nature. Established in 1993, the Onkaparinga River National Park covers 13 km². Here, you will be able to admire a varied fauna, but also an incredible flora and in particular different varieties of eucalyptus. And perhaps at the bend of a path you will have the chance to admire kangaroos.

The central Adelaide market

Visit Adelaide in Australia is also immerse in the daily lives of locals by going for a walk in the market. The central market of the city is a very busy place where you can find products from all over South Australia. Every month, this market welcomes more than a million visitors who come for fruit, vegetables, seafood or simply have a coffee with a pastry to enjoy this lively atmosphere.

Go to the restaurant

Finally, finish this trip to Adelaide by going to the restaurant to discover the Australian specialties. Among them we invite you to taste Pie Floater, a meat cake made of ground beef on a pea soup. Naturally, some of you will enjoy this Australian holiday to eat kangaroo or crocodile. Among the restaurants to discover in Adelaide, we offer the restaurant The Kings Head.

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