Where Is The Bahamas Located? The Bahamas Map

Where is the Bahamas located? Map of The Bahamas

Where Is The Bahamas Located? The Bahamas Map

Bahamas is a country located in the northern Caribbean, in the Atlantic Ocean, which is a member of the Commonwealth.

The Bahamas is made up of a vast archipelago of 700 islands stretching 1,200 km from southeastern Florida to the easternmost tip of Cuba. The Bimini Islands, the most westerly, are located 97 km off Miami.

Hundreds of banks have moved to the Bahamas, benefiting from a very favorable tax system. This makes the financial sector the second economic pillar of the country. The industry is poorly developed (transshipment, oil refining, pharmaceutical production, salt, rum). Agriculture is very small because of the shallowness of the soil and is mainly limited to fishing. The currency is the Bahamian dollar subdivided into 100 cents.

The islands of the Bahamas include more than thirty national parks and nature reserves that are under the protection of the Bahamas National Trust.
The list is as follows:

Black Sound Cay National Reserve (The Abacos)
Primeval Forest National Park (Nassau & Paradise Island)
Peterson Cay National Park (Grand Bahama Island)
Southern Berry Islands Marine Reserve (The Berry Islands)
West Side National Park (Andros)
Marine Farm National Park (Acklins & Crooked Island)
Blue Holes National Park (Andros)
Bonefish Pond (Nassau & Paradise Island)
Moriah Harbor National Park Cay (The Exumas)
Lucayan National Park (Grand Bahama Island)
Rand Nature Center (Grand Bahama Island)
Pigeon Creek & Snow Bay National Park (San Salvador)
Little Inagua National Park (Inagua)
Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park (The Abacos)
Tilloo Cay Reserve (The Abacos)
Union Creek Reserve (Inagua)
West Coast Marine National Park (San Salvador)
Inagua National Park (Inagua)
Green’s Bay National Park (San Salvador)
Fowl Cays Land and Sea Park (The Abacos)
San Salvador Garden Cave (San Salvador)
Leon Levy’s Native Plant Preserve (Eleuthera & Harbor Island)
Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park (The Exumas)
North and South Marine Parks (Andros)
Graham’s Harbor Iguana & Seabird National Park (San Salvador)
The Retreat (Nassau & Paradise Island)
Island National Park (Rum Cay) Design
Walker’s Cay National Park (The Abacos)
Southern Great Lake National Park (San Salvador)
Crab Replenishment Reserve (Andros)
Abaco National Park (The Abacos)
Hope House National Park (Acklins & Crooked Island)


Their pleasant subtropical climate and sandy beaches make the Bahamas a very tourist destination, which receives nearly 3 million visitors every year. Tourism, which is booming, accounts for about half of the gross national product and employs more than half of the labor force.

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