Where Is South Korea Located In The World?

Where is South Korea located in the world? Where is South Korea located on the world map? Here is answers and more…

Where Is South Korea Located In The World?

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is an East Asian country that covers the southern half of the Korean peninsula. Its capital is Seoul. The official language is Korean, whose writing is hangul or hangeul and the currency won. The animal representing the country is the tiger.

To the north, its only land border of 238 km with North Korea is the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). South Korea is bordered on the west by the Yellow Sea, by the East Sea (whose name is denounced by the South Koreans who call it “East Sea”) and by the South Korea Strait.

Currently, South Korea is ranked twelfth largest in the world according to the calculation of gross domestic product in purchasing power parity and fifteenth according to the traditional monetary criterion. It is both the East Asian country with the highest HDI, the highest suicide rate and the lowest fertility. It is also the country in the region that emits the most CO2 per person.

South Korea is officially at war with North Korea since the Korean War. Each of the two states claims the entire Korean peninsula. However, in April 2018, the leaders of both countries meet and say they are ready to make peace. A denuclearization program for the entire Korean peninsula is even envisaged.

Where is South Korea located? The Korean peninsula is bathed in the West by the Yellow Sea, in the South by the Korean Strait and in the East by the East Sea or Sea of ​​Japan. The surface of South Korea covers about twice that of Switzerland.

Wide on average 200 km, the South Korean territory is composed of 70% mountains, oriented in the north-south axis, making East-West communications difficult. The Halla volcano (Hallasan) on Jeju Island is the highest point in South Korea at 1,950 m altitude. No volcanism is active in Korea, which undergoes almost no earthquake, even small scale. On the mainland, Mount Jiri (Jirisan) (1,915 m) and Mount Seorak (Seoraksan) at 1,708 m are the highest points in South Korea. The Mount Seorak Range, very close to the East Coast, blocks the sea entrances from the East Sea and produces dry, cold winters on the West Slope. The East Slope occasionally experiences typhoons from the Sea of ​​Japan. On this East face the lands are deeply ravined by the important precipitations, the pebbles constitute the beds of the torrents and rivers. The western slope, little eroded, has gentle hills and agricultural plains with rich soils. The coast is very divided, dotted with many islands and islets. The beaches on the east coast are very popular; in addition, the encounter of two ocean currents off the coast makes these waters very full of fish.

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