Where Is Slovenia Located In Europe And On The World Map?

Where is Slovenia located in Europe and on the world map? Where is Slovenia near? Here is the answers and more…

Where Is Slovenia Located In Europe And On The World Map?

Slovenia or the Republic of Slovenia is a country of the European Union since May 1, 2004, located in the south-east of Europe and having belonged, until 1992, to the former Yugoslavia . Its capital is Ljubljana.

The country has an area of 20,273 km2, about half of that of Switzerland, and its population is about 2 million (2,011,000 to be precise).

Slovenia located east of southern Europe, in the eastern part of the Alps, on the Adriatic Sea between Austria and Croatia.

Slovenia shares borders with four countries: Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia; and has a small coast of 50 km with the Adriatic Sea in the extreme south-west of the country.

Its highest point is Triglav, an Alpine peak that is represented on the coat of arms on the Slovenian flag.

It is a hilly and mountainous country since 90% of its surface is located at more than 200 meters of altitude. The rest is composed of flat areas, especially towards Hungary. The eastern regions are composed of rounded, heavily wooded mountains with endangered animal species such as lynx and bears.

The country also remains predominantly wooded since 57% of its area is composed of forests, including old-growth forests, existing since prehistoric times, protected from human activity.

There are three types of climates in Slovenia: alpine, continental and Mediterranean climates. Temperatures vary a lot, it can frequently make more than 35 ° C in summer and less than -15 ° C in winter in the city of Ljubljana, the capital.

The main river of Slovenia is the Sava, a river that is a tributary, that is to say a stream that will flow into another larger river: here the Danube.

The country has only one national park, the Triglav National Park; it is in this park that is the highest point in Slovenia, Mount Triglav, which gave its name to the park.

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