Where Is Serbia Lolated? Serbia Map

Where is Serbia located? Map of Serbia

Where Is Serbia Located? Serbia Map

Serbia is a southeastern European country located in the Balkans. In Serbo-Croat he is called Srbija.

Serbia is bordered on the north by Hungary, on the east by Romania and Bulgaria, on the south by the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), on the south-west by Albania, on the west by Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the northwest by Croatia.

The capital and main city of Serbia is Belgrade. Other major cities are Novi Sad, a river port and industrial center, capital of the province of Vojvodina; Niš, industrial center in the south-east of Serbia; Kragujevac, industrial city and former capital in the center of the country; Priština, capital of the province of Kosovo; Subotica, a large agricultural market in Vojvodina; and Zrenjanin, an industrial center in Vojvodina.

Serbian territory is inserted between the Danubian plain and the Balkan peninsula; it is landlocked inland. It covers a total area of ​​88,361 km2. Covered with mountains to two-thirds, the landscape is characterized by its fragmented appearance. There are few plains, except in the north, at the eastern fringe of the Plain of Pannonia and Vojvodina.

South of the Danube and the Sava dominates a relief of hills and mountains. To the east, the Balkan Massif (Stara Planina), with an average altitude of 2,000 m, is marked on the Romanian border by the Iron Gates. To the west, the Dinaric Alps include the Prokletije region (Kosovo), home to Mount Djeravica (2,656 m), the highest point in Serbia. It is a steep region and difficult to access.

Central Serbia, or Stara Umadija (“forested area”), is a hilly area, a piedmont, which provides the transition between mountainous settlements. Crossed by the Morava, it is a fertile area.

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