Where Is Palau Island Located?

Where is Palau Island located on the world map? Here is the answer and more…

Where Is Palau Island Located?

Palau, in long form Republic of Palau, is a country of located in Oceania. The Republic of Palau, a small archipelago of 21,000 inhabitants located off the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, has just seen one of its natural sites inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage List. For the archipelago, which lives tourism, agriculture and fishing, respect for the environment is essential.

The country is divided into sixteen states spread over several hundred islands of which only a few are inhabited. The largest, Babeldaob, is home to ten of the sixteen states, the Roman-Tmetuchl International Airport and the new capital, Melekeok, in the state of Melekeok. The ancient capital, Koror, occupies the island of the same name and is home to more than half of the country’s population, making it its largest city. Palau gained independence on 1 October 1994 from the United States, which had received a United Nations mandate. Tourism represents the bulk of economic activity. A pioneer in safeguarding the seabed, this small country in Micronesia has made its waters a sanctuary.

With its waters at 29 ° C all year long, the Republic of Palau is home to a wide variety of underwater species. The absolute defense of the natural environment has been enshrined in the Constitution of that state since independence. It is even taught at primary school. In September 2009, at the UN assembly, President Johnson Toribiong announced the creation of the world’s first shark sanctuary. In 2010, at the United Nations Conference on Biological Diversity, Palau’s Minister of the Environment, Harry Fritz, proclaimed the birth of another marine reserve, this time to protect whales, dolphins and dugongs. Fishing territories have long been delineated and defined fishing seasons with closures corresponding to spawning periods.

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