Where Is Nauru Located On The World Map?

Where is Nauru located on the world map? Here is the answer…

Where Is Nauru Located On The World Map?

The Republic of Nauru consists of only one island: the island of Nauru. Located in the Pacific Ocean, in Oceania, in the island region called Micronesia, the northernmost point of Nauru (Cape Anna) is only 42 kilometers south of the equator.

Nauru is an extremely isolated territory, its closest neighbors are the Marshall Islands to the north, Kiribati to the east, Tuvalu to the southeast, the Solomon Islands to the south, Papua New Guinea to the southwest and the Federated States of Micronesia to the northwest. The nearest island is Banaba (Kiribati) to the east and 306 kilometers away. Australia (southwest) is 2,800 kilometers apart, the Philippines (north-west) and Hawaii (north-east) 4,450 kilometers and Papua New Guinea (west-southwest) 2,000 kilometers.

Nauru has no land borders, only two maritime ones with Kiribati to the east and the Marshall Islands to the north.

The island is very isolated, access to travelers is difficult, and expensive. On site, life is very expensive, and the island is not tourist with its desolate and industrial desolate landscapes. Erosion and heavy rains swept away what was left of fertile soil inside the island. It is also struck by the rising waters due to global warming, which may eventually lead to population departures.

Nauru’s economy is one of the lowest in the world with a nominal GDP of 150.8 million US dollars in 2015.

Nauru has benefited for 30 years from the wealth brought by phosphate, a resource that was known since the 1950s that it would be exhausted at the turn of the twenty-first century. 1974 is a record year for the island with 225 million euros of profits. Nauru’s GDP per capita is the second highest in the world after Saudi Arabia’s. The model of development followed by the island at independence is marked by an important economic statism, the revenues of the phosphate collected by the public company Nauru Phosphate Corporation are garnered by the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust (in) which places the funds of to provide the island with a rent for the future. Many other public companies are launched such as Air Nauru which serves all the Pacific and will prove to itself a real economic abyss. In the late 1990s, the state employs 1,600 Nauruans.

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