Where Is Gabon Located? Gabon Map

Where is Gabon located? Map of Gabon

Where Is Gabon Located? Gabon Map

Gabon is a country located in Equatorial Africa, open to the Atlantic Ocean, of which more than three quarters of the territory is covered by dense forest. The official language is French, but the different communities also speak their own languages and dialects, most of them Bantu languages (batéké, fang, etc.).

Gabon is limited to the northwest by Equatorial Guinea, to the north by Cameroon, and to the east and south by the Republic of Congo.

Gabon is divided into nine provinces: Estuary (capital city: Libreville) Haut-Ogooué (capital city: Franceville) Moyen-Ogooué (capital city: Lambaréné) Ngounié (capital city: Mouila) Nyanga (capital city: Tchibanga) Ogooué-Ivindo (capital city: Makokou) Ogooué-Lolo (capital city: Koulamoutou) Ogooué-Maritime (capital city: Port-Gentil) Woleu-Ntem (capital city: Oyem).

Map of Gabon

The capital, Libreville, is the largest city in the country with more than 3.5 million inhabitants. Then come Port-Gentil, center of wood processing and petroleum refining industries, and Masuku, former Franceville. Lambaréné is located in the zone of oil palm plantations and houses the hospital founded by the French missionary doctor Albert Schweitzer.

Gabon covers an area of 267,667 km². It covers two distinct geographical areas: the western third of the country is a lowland region bordering 885 km of coastline; the remaining two-thirds occupy the Ogooué sedimentary basin. The river, born in the Congo, runs parallel to the equator, and flows into the Atlantic at Port Gentil. It separates the mountains of Cristal, rising to the northwest at 900 m altitude, the Du Chaillu mountains, culminating in the south at 972 m (Mount Iboundji). The Crystal Mountains extend by the crests of Mayombe. The north-east of the territory is characterized by plains and hills. The Ogooué, navigable as far as N’Djole, at the entrance of the plain, receives many streams that take their source in the Gabonese massifs.

Gabon is subject to an equatorial climate, hot and humid. The temperature (26 ° C) varies only slightly throughout the year. Two dry seasons, from May to September and from December to January, alternate with wet seasons. In Libreville, the capital, average annual rainfall is 2,515 mm.

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