Where Is Finland Located? Finland Map

Where is Finland located? Map of Finland

Where Is Finland Located? Finland Map

Finland is a country in northern Europe, almost one-third of which is located north of the Arctic Circle, a member of the European Union. In Finnish the country is named Suomi and Swedish Finland.

Finland is bordered on the north by Norway, on the east by Russia, on the south and south-west by the Baltic Sea (Gulf of Finland on the south, Gulf of Bothnia on the southwest), and on the west by Sweden. In the south-west of the country, in the Baltic Sea, the Ahvenanmaa archipelago (Åland Islands) comprises 6,500 islands.

Finland Map

Scandinavian Shield is made up of the crystalline and metamorphic rocks of the Scandinavian Shield. Finland is a country of plateaus, with average altitudes varying between 120 and 180 m above sea level. The terrain, usually tabular, becomes more hilly in the north. from the country, near the chain of Scandes. It occupies the northwestern tip of Finland. It is dominated, near the Norwegian border, by the Haltiatunturi (1,328 m), the highest point in the country. The most northerly part of Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle, is called Lapland.

The whole country was covered during the Quaternary glaciations by a vast ice sheet whose maximum thickness (around 3,500 m) was located north of the Gulf of Bothnia (see glacier, ice age). The glacial footprint is present everywhere (moraine deposits, moutonne rocks, lacustrine basins). The plateaus, planed by glaciers and dotted with lakes, are surmounted by accumulations of fluvio-morainic debris. These subglacial channels form, after the melting of the ice sheet, mounds several tens of meters high and aligned for several hundred kilometers.


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