Where Is Fiji Islands Located? Fiji Islands Map

Where is Fiji Islands located or situated? Map of Fiji Islands

Where Is Fiji Islands Located? Fiji Islands Map

Fiji is an island country of Oceania, part of Melanesia, located in the South Pacific and member of the Commonwealth. In Fijian the country is called Viti.

Fiji is an archipelago of 322 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, located east of the Vanuatu Islands, west of the Tonga Islands and south of the Tuvalu Islands. They form a State whose official name is Republic of Fiji Islands. Their capital is Suva.

The Fiji Islands are located in the north of New Zealand; it is crossed by the meridian 180 ° (antipode of that of Greenwich). It is made up of 800 islands, islets and atolls, only a hundred of which are inhabited. The two main islands are Viti Levu (10,429 km²) and Vanua Levu (5,556 km²). They alone account for 87% of the total area of the country. The other islands are Taveuni (435 km2), Kandavu (409 km2), Ovalau (104 km2), Ngau (140 km2), Koro (104 km2) and Rotuma, located to the northwest. The archipelago also contains several groups of islets: the Yasawa group constitutes, in the west, a chain of sixteen islands; the group of Lau, to the east, surrounds the sea of Koro.

Map of Fiji Islands

The country is divided into four regions: the central region, the northern region, the western region and the eastern region. The main cities of Fiji are Nasinu, Suva (the capital), Lautoka, Nausori, Nadi, Labasa, Lami and Ba. The largest islands, of volcanic origin, are mountainous and rugged. They culminate at 1324 m altitude at Mount Tomanivi (Viti Levu). Alluvial coastal plains, fertile but discontinuous, fringe on their periphery. The small islands are volcanic islets or coral atolls.

The islands are 322. The two most important are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The capital, Suva, is located on Vitilevu which also concentrates three quarters of the population. They are mountainous islands.

There are two ethnic groups in the Fijian population. There are indigenous people, who are Fijians of origin, and Indo-Fijians. Fiji is a country of the South; more specifically, a poor territory whose economy is based on the primary sector – agriculture, fishing – because its isolation does not allow it to export its production abroad.

In addition, tourism plays a very important role in the economy. A fall in it can therefore lead to a decline in growth.

The climate is tropical. It is very humid in areas exposed to the trade winds of the southeast, covered with dense forest. The “leeward” areas, sheltered, are the domain of wooded savannah. Part of the archipelago is regularly hit by cyclones.

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