Where Is Estonia Located? Estonia Map

Where is Estonia located? Map of Estonia

Where Is Estonia Located? Estonia Map

Estonia is a country in North-East Europe, member of the European Union. In Estonian the country is called Eesti.

Estonia is bordered on the north by the Gulf of Finland, on the east by Russia, on the south by Latvia and on the west by the Baltic Sea. Estonia has 1,520 small islands; the two largest, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, separate the Gulf of Riga from the Baltic Sea.

Administratively, the country is divided into 15 regions (called maakonnad): the Harju region, the Hiiu region, the Oriental Viru region, the Järva region, the Jõgeva region, the Western region, the Western Viru region, the Pärnu region, the Põlva region, the Rapla region, the Saare region, the Tartu region, the Valga region, the Viljandi region and the Võru region.


(Estonia Map)

The country is made up of low plains as well as hills, and dotted with numerous lakes and streams. The average altitude is about 50 meters, the highest point of the country reaching only 318 meters. The rocky coastline is approximately 3,794 km long. Swamps and lakes cover more than 25% of the territory. The two most important lakes are Lake Peipus on the eastern border and Lake Võrts-Järv in the southern center of the country, which together account for nearly four-fifths of the total lake area.

The climate of Estonia is continental, tempered by maritime influences. Precipitation is moderate with average annual rainfall ranging from 500 to 700 mm.

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