Where Is Eritrea Located On The World Map? Eritrea Map

Where is Eritrea located on the world map? Map of Eritrea

Where Is Eritrea Located On The World Map? Eritrea Map

The Republic of Eritrea is a country in northeastern Africa. Eritrea is located in the Horn of Africa and bordered to the northeast and east by the Red Sea, to the west and northwest by Sudan, to the south by Ethiopia and Djibouti. Its area is 121 144 km², the equivalent of North Korea (but five times smaller than France). Its capital and largest city is Asmara which, with 431,000 inhabitants (in 1995), dominates by far the other cities, Assab (39,569), Keren (32,100), Massaoua (19,400) and Menderfa (14,800) .

Eritrea is divided into six provinces (awraja): Anseba, Debub, Debub-Keih-Bahri, Gash-Barka, Maekel and Semien-Keih-Bahri (see detailed map).

The name of Eritrea comes from the Greek eruthros meaning “red” because of the proximity of the Red Sea. Conquered many times during the twentieth century, first by the Italians and then by the British and finally by the Ethiopians, Eritrea gained independence in 1993, after a liberation war that lasted thirty-five years.

Tigrina is the majority language; it is the language spoken by 53% of the population, especially in the region of Asmara, the capital.

It is the mother tongue of the inhabitants of the central highlands of the country, mostly Orthodox Christians. Trigina is fragmented into several dialectal varieties that differ substantially from the official Tigrina language. As a second language, Tigrina can be spoken by 25% of other Eritreans.

Eritrea was an Italian colony from 1890 to 1941, then British until 1952. After the Second World War, the UN decided that Ethiopia would annex Eritrea in 1962. This was the beginning of the war. independence that ends in May 1991 with the victory of the independence movement, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Eritrea (FPLE) led by Issayas Afewerki, the current president. Eritrea will become officially independent in 1993.

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