Where Is Equatorial Guinea Located?

Where is Equatorial Guinea located? Here is the answer and more…

Equatorial Guinea, in long form the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is a country of Central Africa . It consists of two parts, the mainland, bordered by Cameroon and Gabon, the other island with the island of Bioko (where the capital Malabo) and the island of Annobón.

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest country in Africa. The Equatoguinean borders are directly derived from colonization, as is the case of the majority of African states. The major feature of the territorial construction of this former Spanish colony is the meeting in one state of two geographical entities, one insular the other mainland far from each other geographically speaking and different as far as their relief than their ecosystem or their settlement.

Equatorial Guinea is divided into two regions: the island region and the continental region. These two regions are themselves divided into provinces, now there are seven. And finally, these provinces are divided into districts, of which there are eighteen.

Island areas: The islands of Bioko and Annobón are part of an archipelago located in the north-west of the country, in the Gulf of Biafra. This group of islands belongs to the line of Cameroon, a tectonic phenomenon that originated on the African continent, passing through Mount Cameroon before expanding to sea a total of 1 600 km. The two main equatorial islands are separated by Sao Tome and Principe and 650 km apart.
Bioko: The island of Bioko, called Fernando Po until the 1970s, is the largest island in the Gulf of Guinea (2,017 km2). It is composed of two large volcanic formations separated by a valley. The 195-kilometer coastline is steep and carved to the south, lower and more accessible to the north, with well-sheltered ports in Malabo and Luba.

Annobon: The island of Annobon owes its name to the date of its discovery, the day of the year 1472. It is a small volcanic island of 18 km2. The coast is steep except to the north. The main volcanic cone houses a small lake. Most of its 1,900 inhabitants live on tuna and whale fishing.

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