Where Is Egypt Situated? Egypt Map

Where is Egypt situated? Where is Egypt located? Map of Egypt

Where Is Egypt Situated? Egypt Map

The geography of Egypt is mainly characterized by a desert climate prevailing on its territory located in Africa and South-West Asia (Sinai).

The country has a double seafront, on the Mediterranean Sea and on the Red Sea. Egypt is surrounded by Libya to the west, Gaza and Israel to the east and Sudan to the south. Egypt is about the same size as the US states of Texas and New Mexico combined, it is twice the size of France, three times that of Germany and four times that of the United Kingdom with an area of 1,001,450 km2. If we consider the most distant points from each other, the Egyptian territory measures 1,024 km, from north to south, and 1,240 km from east to west. The country has more than 2,900 km of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aqaba and along the Red Sea, which constitutes the maritime borders of Egypt.

Egypt is divided into twenty-seven governorates (sometimes called provinces), comprising four governorate cities: Alexandria (Al Iskandariyah), Cairo (Al Qahirah), Port Said (Bur Said) and Suez. Nine governorates are located in Lower Egypt and the Nile Delta region, eight governorates in Upper Egypt along the Nile, between southern Cairo and Aswan. The last five governorates are located in Sinai and cover the deserts to the west and east of the Nile.

Map of Egypt

Egypt, in long form The Arab Republic of Egypt is a country located in North-East Africa, for the Sinai Peninsula, in West Asia. Located on the southern coast of the eastern Mediterranean, the Levantine Basin, present-day Egypt occupies the geographical space that was once that of ancient Egypt.

Egypt is the third most populous country in Africa behind Nigeria and Ethiopia with more than 92 million inhabitants in 2017. In very strong growth, its population has multiplied by four in sixty years.

Its capital is Cairo and its currency is the Egyptian pound. If the official language of the country is Arabic, the spoken language is Egyptian (Arabic dialect). Siwi – Tamazight (Berber) from the west of the country – is still spoken in Siwa. Coptic survives as a liturgical language of the Christians of Egypt. As for the Nubian, it remains a language spoken by the inhabitants of Upper Egypt, in the region of Aswan, a region commonly known as Nubia.

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