Where Is Chad Located? Chad Map

Where is Chad located? Map of Chad…

Where Is Chad Located? Chad Map

Chad, in long form the Republic of Chad, is a central African country located south of Libya, east of Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, north of the Central African Republic, and in western Sudan. Without access to the sea, it is geographically and culturally transition between North Africa and Black Africa.

The fifth largest country in Africa, Chad is divided into three major geographical units, in the north a desert part of the Sahara, in the center the semi-arid Sahel, in the south the Sudanese savannah. Lake Chad, which gives its name to the country, is its main body of water. Its highest point is Emi Koussi, volcano of the Tibesti massif.

Chad is a vast country of low human density. The northern third of the country is occupied by the Sahara, and almost empty of men. Further south is the Sahel where rainfall is higher, from 300 to 600 mm. It is in the south of this zone that is the capital Ndjamena as well as Lake Chad. Further south is a savanna zone where precipitation can exceed 900 mm. It is there, in the southwest that on average the densities are the highest.

Map of Chad

The North and Center account for two-thirds of the country’s area and account for about 30% of the total population. These regions are populated by disparate African and Saharan populations, but all Muslims, belonging to the Saharan, Eastern and Central Sudanese language groups.

In addition, the Arabs (ethnic, mixed race and Black African-Arabized), Muslims, occupy three large settlements in the north (north-west of Kanem), in the center (Batha, Guéra, Chari-Baguirmi and north of Ouaddaï ) and Southeast (Salamat), representing about 56.5% of the Chadian population.

On the other hand, the Hadjaraïs (8.5%), name of ethnic designation, commonly attributed to the various ethnic groups (more in reference to the administrative region than to their cultural or religious differences) which populate the center. West of the country, Afro-Asian, Chadian, Nilo-Saharan, Bongo Baguirmi, Sara Baguirmi, Baguirmi, East and Central Sudanese linguistic groups are predominantly Muslim. Nevertheless, there is a minority of Christians even animists in this part of the territory.

Finally, the South West, Christian, Muslim and very marginally animist, is composed of Black African populations belonging to the Chadian and Central Sudanese language groups (Saras – 30%, Ngambayes – 5.5%, Toupouris, Kotokos, Baguirmis, Massas , and others – 9.5%).

An agricultural country, a producer of cotton, peanuts and cattle, Chad became an oil exporter in 2003, considerably increasing the state’s financial resources, whose current head is Idriss Déby. In 2015, it is ranked third by the Africa Performance Index (API), a scoring tool for public sector institutions in Africa

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