Where Is Belarus Located? Belarus Map

Where is Belarus located? How is map of Belarus? Here is the answers…

Where Is Belarus Located?Belarus Map

Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe. Belarusian and Russian called it Belarus’.

Belarus is bordered on the north-west by Lithuania and Latvia, on the east by Russia, on the south by Ukraine and on the west by Poland.

The country is divided in 6 regions called voblasts: the vault of Brest, the vault of Homiel, the vault of Grodno, the vault of Minsk, the vault of Mogilev and the vault of Vitebsk.

                                  (Map of Belarus)

It is a lowland country (159 meters average), it is an immense low plain, often marshy, punctuated with hills rising to 346 meters of altitude with the Dzyarzhynskaya Hara. To the south extend the vast swamps of Polesie, a swampy depression almost uninhabited.

Without direct access to the sea, the country has about 10,000 lakes and rivers. Among the largest rivers and rivers, to the north are the Daugava, to the west, the Niemen, the Dnieper and its tributaries. The navigable rivers and the Dnieper-Boug Canal provide access to the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

On the whole, the climate of Belarus is temperate and humid. Temperatures are colder in the east, where the country is more widely subject to continental influences. In summer, the temperatures are around 20/25 °. The winter is relatively harsh (-10 ° in the South and -15 ° in the northern part of the country) and starts in October for a period of 4 to 5 months.

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