Where Is Bahrain Located? Bahrain Map

Where is Bahrain located? Map of Bahrain

Where Is Bahrain Located? Bahrain Map

Bahrain is an island country (consisting of thirty-three islands) in the Near East. In Arabic, the country is called Al-Baḥrayn. Bahrain is located near the eastern coast of the Arabian Gulf, between the peninsula of Qatar and the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. A bridge over the gulf connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, it bears the name of King Fahd’s Causeway.

Bahrain, in long form the Kingdom of Bahrain , is a small island country of Arabia located near the west coast of the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. Composing an archipelago, most of the territory consists of the island of Bahrain. It is connected to Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd roadway to the west; Iran lies about 200 kilometers to the north and the Bahrain Gulf separates the island from the Qatar Peninsula to the southeast. In 2010, the population of Bahrain is estimated at 1 234 571 people, including more than 660 000 expatriates (54% of the population)

The archipelago formed by a set of low-lying limestone islands, whose highest point is located 135 m in the center of the main island. The desert represents more than three quarters of the territory and a dozen islands are simply uninhabited.

Map of Bahrain

Bahrain is an archipelago of thirty-three generally flat and arid islands of the Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia. It consists of a vast desert plain with the highest point in the country at its center, 134 feet high: Jabal ad Dukhan (literally “the mountain of smoke”). The archipelago is made up of thirty-three islands, 17 but the intensive program of creating sea-anchored sea-beds has considerably modified the original number of islands: in 2008, the country had more than 8418 islands.

Bahrain does not share any land borders with any other country, but has a coastline of 161 kilometers. It also claims territorial waters over 22 km (12 M) and 44 km (24 M) of contiguous zone. The main island is connected to the Arabian continent (Saudi Arabia) by the pavement of King Fahd. Another bridge connecting the country to Qatar is being built under the name Bridge Friendship. The most important islands of Bahrain are Bahrain Island, Muharraq Island, Umm an Nasan and Sitra. The country enjoys mild winters, but undergoes very hot and particularly humid summers. Bahrain’s natural resources are mainly energy with oil and natural gas, but fishing is also a major activity, as well as pearl harvesting.

The desert represents 92% of the territory, and arable land is endangered with less than 2.8%. Desertification is a major environmental issue in Bahrain due to the degradation of already limited cultivable areas and coastal areas (coastal urbanization, damage to coral reefs, pollution of aquatic flora and numerous oil discharges). The country is also affected by periods of drought as well as sandstorms and has to deal with the problem of salinisation of the spring water of the territory due to the use of intensive agricultural techniques.

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