Top 10 Most Romantic Destinations To Stay On Weekend

Do you plan to travel in charming company? Discover the top 10 most romantic destinations to stay on weekend.

Top 10 Most Romantic Destinations To Stay On Weekend

1. Paris

Paris is the city of lovers. What’s better than a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens or a boat trip on the Seine river during your romantic getaway? So that your love is eternal, you can put a lock at the Pont des Arts. Finally, if you want to play the big game, invite the elected of your heart to Jules Verne, the restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower! For a cheap weekend in love, Paris is the ideal city.

2. Venice

The top 10 most romantic destinations to stay on weekend. At the risk of cliche, Venice is THE ideal city to go on a romantic weekend. If you have a big budget, impress the elected of your heart by taking a gondola ride (count about 100 € per hour). If you’re traveling on a smaller budget, take a vaporetto ride. In addition to the must-sees (St. Mark’s Square and its mythical pigeons), take the time to lose yourself in the many alleys of Venice. This is the best way to discover the real Venice, far from the hordes of tourists. And if you have time during your romantic trip, go to Burano, a small island known for its colorful houses or Murano, it is famous for its production of glass objects!

3. Prague

Built more than 1000 years ago, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it is a perfect city to go for a romantic weekend. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prague’s historic center is home to many monuments to visit, such as the Church of Our Lady of the Týn, a magnificent astronomical clock, and the St. Charles Bridge, which is a must for a weekend not expensive lovers all inclusive. If you have time, do not miss visiting Prague Castle. The place is interesting from a historical point of view and you can admire a magnificent panorama of the city below.

4. Ghent

The top 10 most romantic destinations to stay on weekend. Less known than its sister Bruges, Ghent is home to many channels that you can discover during a walk or boat. Do not forget to admire the Saint-Michel bridge and the Saint-Bavon cathedral, which houses “The Mystic Lamb”, a famous painting that dates from the 15th century AD. This city is perfect for a romantic weekend as it is also home to beautiful parks and gardens just like the Muinkpark.

5. Florence

According to legend, the writer Stendhal was the victim of a real aesthetic shock (hence the Stendhal Syndrome!) During his visit to Florence, as the city is full of sublime buildings and works of art … Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city center of Florence is beautiful, it will be the perfect theater for your romantic weekend getaway. Do not miss to visit Il Duomo (cathedral), Ponte Vecchio or the mythical Galleria degli Uffizi museum where you can admire the famous sculpture of David. If the weather is good, we suggest a romantic walk to the Boboli Gardens – a beautiful park that once belonged to the powerful family of the Medici and can only be on the planning of your romantic holiday.

6. Lisbon

The top 10 most romantic destinations to stay on weekend. The Portuguese capital is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend. Cheap (the cost of living is twice as low as in France), the city is home to many beautiful places to visit such as the famous Castelo de São Jorge, the neogothic lift of Santa Justa (which allows you to reach the high city) or the tower of Belém. During your stay, do not miss to board one of the legendary yellow trams, it is not a symbol of romance but will like having done this together during your stay in love.

7. Annecy

Located 4 hours by TGV from Paris, Annecy is one of the most romantic cities in France and will be perfect for a romantic weekend. Nicknamed the “Venice of the Alps”, the old-Annecy is home to many canals where it is good to walk. If you like to take the height, we recommend you to visit Annecy Castle – an old castle built in the twelfth century after J-C. Annecy is also famous for its famous lake that you can admire during a ride by bicycle or pedal boat. Annecy is an ideal city to spend a cheap weekend in love all inclusive.

8. St. Petersburg

The top 10 most romantic destinations to stay on weekend. Popularized in the film “Russian Dolls”, St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia and is a perfect place for a romantic weekend. If you are thirsty for culture, do not miss visiting the Hermitage Museum. The city is also home to many beautiful buildings such as the Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood or St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Become King and Queen for a day by visiting Peterhof, the local “Palace of Versailles”!

9. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, with its thypical architecture, is certainly the most charming capital of Europe. Filled with numerous canals overlooked by beautiful Dutch houses, the city is not short of picturesque. It is also easy to be entertained by the many cultural attractions available. Among other things, you can visit Anne Franck’s house, the Van Gogh museum or take a stroll in the delightful Vondelpark.

10. Budapest

The top 10 most romantic destinations to stay on weekend. The Hungarian capital is one of the most beautiful European capitals to visit on a romantic trip. The city is home to many grandiose buildings such as the Hungarian Parliament – whose architecture is inspired by the Westminster Palace – or the Fishermen’s Bastion, from where you can admire a magnificent panorama of the city below. Budapest is also the largest spa town in the world and is home to 123 hot springs! Do not miss to swim in the Széchenyi baths, outdoor baths of Baroque architecture where you can splash in water at 38 ° C, summer and winter. Treat yourself to an all-inclusive weekend in this city that does not lack charm.


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