Top 10 Best Places For Family Travel

Make your children happy and take them to one of these 10 family destinations! Travel with your family!

Billund, Denmark

Visit the impressive miniature reproductions of the world’s most famous monuments and villages in Legoland!

Lapland, Finland

Snowshoeing in the snow, watching a fabulous aurora borealis, and the land of Santa Claus … Lapland is a magical destination!

Dominica, Caribbean

Ecotourism in Dominica in the Caribbean! In this green country you will find chalets in the forest, hiking trails, kayaking and sea diving. This is enough to offer your family an unforgettable nature holiday.

Orlando, Florida

Find Mickey at Disneyworld, dinosaurs and superheroes of Islands of Adventure, Discovery Cove dolphins, SeaWorld water games, and more in Orlando, a favorite destination for a family trip.

Varadero, Cuba

With its beautiful beaches, all-inclusive packages and its many family-friendly resorts, Varadero is a destination to choose from when traveling to Cuba with children.


Iceland is a country that will dazzle all family members, regardless of age. There are hot springs, active volcanoes, waterfalls and steaming geysers.

New York, United States

Enjoy a family getaway to New York City to visit Central Park, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Natural History Museum, not forgetting a shopping trip in Times Square.

Gaspesie, Canada

Among the beautiful regions of Quebec stands the Gaspésie with its enchanting landscapes and many cultural and sports activities to do with the family.

London, England

Children will enjoy visiting the city of Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes and some young wizard named Harry Potter!


Thailand is an elephant ride, dream beaches, temples, monkeys, and delicious food, all in a warm and exotic country where the locals are very hospitable!


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