Good Places To Go On Holiday

This year, your vacation should not ruin you. Discover our economical holiday choices for a round trip to a debt-free journey with our list of the 35 best economy dream trips! Good places to go on holiday

Are you worried that the holidays are beyond your budget? Stop counting your money and start planning! You can visit Europe, Asia, Central America, the United States and even Africa this year without having to contemplate a personal financial crisis. Here are the best affordable destinations to fulfill your globe-trotting dreams. Discover the world, and come home with money in your pocket: the ultimate memory of your vacation!

Good Places To Go On Holiday


Europe remains one of the most expensive places to visit in the world. By cons, there are still some heavenly places to discover without breaking the bank. Also, there are good plans across Europe for smaller travel budgets. Here are the best cities and the most affordable countries on the old continent.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain has long been one of the most economical destinations on the globe. After some financial problems, the country has since regained strength and travelers no longer benefit from affordable offers across the country.

Barcelona, on the other hand, remains one of the most accessible cities in Europe. This is an option more than interesting for people thirsty for travel, but no debt! You will find hostels for as little as 10 euros a night on the internet. There are also hotels for 60 euros a night. The city is served by a metro and buses, you can also move at low cost.

Several restaurants and activities are also cheap in Barcelona. You will be able to find everything you need for a lot less money than in the rest of the country. There are also many free activities all year long.


Greece, a bit like Spain, is an economic destination, if you know how to choose the right places to visit. Indeed, if we limit ourselves to the most touristic places, like Athens or the island of Mykonos, we will pay our holidays very dearly. On the other hand, by choosing to visit places like Paros or Skiathos, you will save big!

You can enjoy a good Mythos, a very popular local beer, for 2 euros. You can also eat, to the sound of the Aegean Sea, for a very reasonable price (about 10 euros). You can also sleep comfortably for 60 euros per night.


Portugal also remains a good choice of economic destination in Europe. In Lisbon, the capital, good deals are becoming scarce. But they are still possible, with a little research. Otherwise, Porto, the second largest city in the country, is a good choice of destination not very expensive to spend a beautiful holiday.

In addition to being able to taste the Port, a fortified wine drink that proudly bears the name of the city that gave birth to it, you will be able to eat, drink, sleep and have fun at affordable prices. You can count around 40 euros per night for a 3-star hotel. You can also eat very well for about 15 euros. You can also travel by public transport for not very expensive. In all, count between 50 and 100 euros per day to live a very comfortable and pleasant stay.


Bulgaria is an unknown country of Europe. However, the seaside resorts that border the Black Sea are worth to be known. On the other hand, the fact that the country is still very little visited compared to its neighbors makes it one of the best destinations for an economical trip.

In Sofia, one of the big cities of the country, it is possible to get by with as little as 25 euros per day. As everywhere else, the closer you get to the big beach resorts, the more you’ll pay the price. On the other hand, the country abounds with beautiful places to discover where you will arrive to live a memorable trip while respecting your budget.


The Danube, Budapest, the exotic European land … You will find all this in Hungary. The cost of living has increased somewhat in recent years, but the country remains one of the least expensive to visit in Europe.

In Budapest, you can eat for just 3 euros and drink a good local beer for 1.25 euros. You can also stay in a 3-star hotel for around 35 euros a night. So this is definitely a very economical destination where to plan your next dream vacation.


Croatia, with its breathtaking scenery, is reminiscent of paradise and overpriced islands. However, unlike these popular destinations, Croatia still remains very affordable for budget travelers. As everywhere, coastal areas are more expensive than less popular areas. Despite this, you can certainly enjoy all the attractions within your budget.

You can count about 70 euros to accommodate you (two people), 15 euros to eat and a few extra euros to move through the cities.


Prague, in the Czech Republic, remains one of the best cities to visit if you have a tight budget for the trip. In addition to discovering many historical remains, Prague offers an unprecedented encounter between the culture of Eastern Europe and that of Western Europe. History buffs will be served, as well as architecture, shopping and fashion enthusiasts.

For accommodation, you can expect to pay between 25 and 50 euros per night, for two people. It will cost you about 10 euros per meal per person to eat and public transportation is very affordable and efficient. They will allow you to move from one activity to another without getting too much money out of your pockets. In Prague, beer is also very inexpensive and delicious.

Antalya, Turkey

According to Budget Travel magazine, the Turkish Riviera is a beautiful European destination that presents itself without excessive price tag. Hotel rates have fallen by almost 25% in the past year and, as a result, Turkey has become a must-see destination for discerning travelers. The city of Antalya, located along the south-west coast, offers only the best: the beaches of the Mediterranean, ancient ruins, shops and several 5-star all-inclusive stays at the water’s edge.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has a lot to offer to the most adventurous travelers. The country will also please everyone, as much the history lovers as the adventurers of montages, or the followers of white sand. The gastronomy of the country will also make you discover original and delicious flavors.

Accommodation is the most expensive in Turkey. You can expect to spend about 75 euros per night for two people. On the other hand, you will save in terms of food, transport and activities.

North Ireland

Welcome to Derry or Londonderry, City of Culture of the United Kingdom. Music, literature and theater occupy a central place in this affordable destination. Cleared of its long turbid past, Northern Ireland is now a quiet and fascinating destination.

Budget Travel magazine reports that Londonderry has invested more than $ 25 million in the local tourism industry and that travelers are the first to enjoy it. Since autumn 2012, more flights than ever take off between London and Belfast, and they are also cheaper. By adding more flights, Easy Jet and Aer Lingus have raised the stakes of competition with British Airways, resulting in lower prices for travelers in search of savings. You can therefore benefit from competitive prices to go to this wonderful country.

North America, Central America and South America

The American continent, be it North America, Central America or South America, has many low-budget travel destinations.

Although the exchange rate with the US dollar was quite high at the time of writing, you will certainly save on airline or gas costs, for destinations in the United States, if you go there by car.

Also check the exchange rate for the currencies of each country. Although they all accept American money, it is sometimes a way to pay less. Make sure you have US dollars in your pocket, but also local money.

Canadian maritime

Close to home, in the extreme east of the country, you will find a small corner of our land that is worth seeing and at very good price. By car, allow a few hours to get there and on site, enjoy breathtaking scenery, sea air and beautiful sandy beaches, as if you were at the other end of the Earth. Gastronomy is also worth a visit with seafood and tasty fish.

As for the cost of living, expect to pay substantially the same as at home. There is no exchange rate to consider here since everything is in Canadian money. For an economical trip, nothing better than a good road trip!

New York, United States

New York is the land of all possibilities. Traveling at a low price is therefore possible! Of course, some concessions will have to be made. But, if you are ready to put the necessary time to good preparation, you can get away without exceeding your budget, as small as it is.

For example, opt for accommodation in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan, choose smaller restaurants and choose one or two museums to visit before enjoying the free attractions of the city. In addition, you can get there by car, which will save you a lot on transportation costs. The best is to set a budget before you leave and, by making the right choices, you will succeed in not exceeding it.


Washington, D.C., United States

You will get more for your money and you will enjoy the best of both worlds by combining these two neighboring destinations.

Washington D.C. is an ideal city for history and news enthusiasts. See the White House up close, explore the impressive collections of Smithsonian museums and walk in the shadow of the inspiring memorial to President Abraham Lincoln. When you want to take a break from the city, head to the fresh air of the Virginia Beach coast to relax by the sea.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

New Orleans is a very charming city. The atmosphere in the busy streets of Louisiana’s capital exudes a mix of history, culture and mystery. Music is certainly one of the major attractions of the city, which saw the birth of jazz greats like Louis Armstrong, Terrence Blanchard and Wynton Marsalis.

Although it is quite expensive to stay in New Orleans, you will be able to eat, drink and do all kinds of colorful activities for very little money. In February, Mardi Gras is in full swing and this is the most touristic season for the city and the region. It is therefore a less good time to visit New Orleans if you want to visit the city on a budget.

Orlando, Florida, United States

This Florida city is another American place that presents special offers to attract travelers.


Cuba offers more than just tourist resorts. Although these are numerous in the coastal regions, it is very possible to discover the country by its own means, at much lower cost. The history of the island alone is worth the detour. Who does not know the great Che Guevara or Fidel Castro? More and more people also decide to discover the island by bike, opting for homestays. This is undoubtedly the most economical way to travel to Cuba.

If you want to visit Cuba in the traditional way, you have to budget between $ 100 and $ 150 a day. It is the accommodation that will take the majority of this amount. You can eat, drink and do activities at low prices. Beach hotels are generally only available on an all-inclusive basis.


Who does not dream of beach, mojitos and tacos? Mexico offers all this, and at low prices, as a bonus! The country is indeed a destination of choice for a dream trip in economic mode, provided you know when to go and where to go. The country is vast and prices can vary a lot depending on where you are. The most touristic regions, like Cancún or Acapulco, for example, are more expensive. By cons, you will find beautiful beaches elsewhere, without breaking the bank.

Eating, sleeping, drinking and having fun will not be expensive in Mexico. Of course, you have to get away from the edge of the water and know how to spot bargains. But, you can very well get by for $ 50 a day. Airline tickets to Mexico are very often affordable, too, except at Christmas and in the big winter months, where you may pay a bit more than at another time. Despite this, it is a very affordable destination for budget travelers.


Honduras remains an under-appreciated country in Central America. Between Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua, the country remains a hidden treasure, well protected from the overpriced prices of overdeveloped resorts. Tegucigalpa, the capital, is the starting point for most of the country’s most beautiful attractions. You will also find some of the most beautiful beaches in Central America in Tela, in the north-east of the country.

In Honduras, you can expect to pay between $ 10 and $ 25 to sleep and $ 5 to $ 10 to eat. Travel costs are also very low, provided you use ground transportation or boats.


Guatemala is full of historical wonders. Whether because of its colonial past, with the still perceptible presence of Spanish settlers, or that we go back to the mythical time of the Maya and their almost indestructible ruins, culture lovers can not find better as an economic destination. Adventure lovers will also be able to indulge in their passions as several colorful attractions are accessible in the country. For example, you can spend a night in the jungle, climb the top of volcanoes, face a river rafting or paragliding.

Guatemala is one of the least expensive countries in Central America. You can actually live almost in luxury with only $ 50 a day. To eat, count between $ 5 and $ 10 per person. To sleep, you’ll get out for less than $ 30 US. The country is also full of public markets where fruits and vegetables are incredibly fresh at a very competitive price.


Nicaragua is another hidden treasure of Central America. Less popular than Mexico, Cuba or other highly visited countries each year, Nicaragua has a lot to offer, especially for travelers on a budget. Whether you’re looking for heavenly beaches, perfect waves for surfing, jungle trekking, volcanic landscapes or all at the same time, you’ll be served in Nicaragua at a very low price.

A mid-range hotel costs between US $ 30 and US $ 50 in Nicaragua. To eat, calculate about $ 5 per person. For transportation, you will save a lot in using local buses or metered taxis.


Bolivia has the highest capital in the world. La Paz is indeed located at 3600 meters above sea level, which makes it an almost sacred and mythical place. The country is therefore reserved for lovers of thrills. One adventure does not wait for the other, be it in the middle of the jungle, hiking at altitude, on a wild river or at the top of a snowy mountain, you will not be bored and besides, you will not ruin yourself neither.

For a comfortable trip, expect about US $ 50 per day for your stay in Bolivia. It will cost you about $ 25 to sleep each night. If you are doing activities that require a guide or professional equipment, such as climbing or hiking at altitude, then plan a higher budget for these days.


Asia is a very rich and accessible continent, if we like the change of scenery! Most of your budget will be used to pay for the plane ticket to get there. On site, you will be very surprised at the cost of living. If you have enough time to brave the massive jet lag, this is certainly a great option for your dream trip in economy mode.


Thailand is exotic at its height. The ancient kingdom of Siam, which has never been colonized by any other country, has a culture and history of exceptional richness. Whether you prefer the exotic jungle and mountains, meet friendly ethnic minorities or you want to relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Thailand will not disappoint you, and this little price.

It is the plane ticket that will cost the most in your travel budget. You can expect to pay around $ 1,500 Canadian to get there. Once there, you can live very well with $ 50 US per day. Hotels, even luxury, are accessible and you will eat for almost nothing.


In North America, Vietnam is often associated with the historic war the country has gone through in the not-too-distant past. But since 1975, the country has quietly opened its borders to tourism and has a lot to offer to those who wish to travel on a limited budget. You can easily cross the country from north to south and discover almost completely different cultures. To the north, you will meet peasants who grow rice in mountains and paddy fields. To the south, you will witness seaside landscapes, floating markets and fishermen in the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam is one of the cheapest destinations in Asia. You also have a great advantage in buying Dongs, the local currency, since public places often have two different menus, the American one containing much higher prices than the one in local currency. Count a maximum of US $ 50 per day for accommodation and food.


India is the country of all possibilities. There are as many versions of India as there are people who visit it. Each region has its culture, every moment will be different from the previous one. All your senses will be solicited by sounds, smells, colors, density of population, pollution, beauty of landscapes, etc. India is aimed at an informed public: you will be seized. You will need to be patient and open. But once back home, you will have only one wish: return there.

Prices vary a lot from one region to another. If you stay in larger centers, you will pay a little more than if you move away from larger cities like Delhi and Mumbai. On the other hand, even in these big centers, you will get for less than 75 $ American per day. Here again, make sure you have Indian rupees on you. You will win at the change.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, which is kind of the little sister of India, is also a very affordable place to travel if you have a more limited budget. Filled with cultural and historical relics, Sri Lanka will make you discover the same spiritual wealth as in India. You will be amazed at the ease with which it is possible to visit the country. Transport is simple and cheap and you will find accommodation and restaurants for all budgets, even the smallest ones.

To sleep in a mid-range hotel, you can expect around $ 25 a night. To eat, it will cost you a lot less and activities and travel are also very accessible.


The African continent is often forgotten when we think about our holidays. But, if our budget is rather limited and our taste for adventure is undeniable, Africa is full of wonders to discover, and this at a low price.

The Sahara desert, camels, nomadic people and Berbers, colorful spices … the change of scenery is assured in Moroccan lands. On the border between Europe and Africa, it is an affordable and relatively easy way to access the African continent. It is definitely a good choice of destination for your dream trip in economy mode.

In Morocco, you can stay comfortably for about US $ 100 a day. If you want to do activities that require a lot of preparation, a lot of equipment or a guide, such as a hike or a night in the desert, for example, then you will have to plan a higher budget for these activities.


If you love history, you can not miss Egypt. At the heart of the history of civilizations, the riches of this country are all around you and not in the hole they leave in your wallet.

For limited budgets, Egypt is quite possible, provided you do not want to visit all the monuments that you will meet on your way. If you choose an average budget accommodation and eat in affordable restaurants, you can get by for about US $ 50 a day.

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