6 Unknown Travel Destinations

We all want to escape from our daily lives by offering us a beautiful holiday. But many of us tend to visit the same places. Why not travel off the beaten path for once? There are many unknown destinations that are nonetheless extremely interesting. We have identified for you six hidden treasures to discover on your holiday

6 Unknown Travel Destinations

1. Cook Islands

If for you, the purpose of the holidays is to discover places you have never been to, then go to the Cook Islands. Located in northeastern New Zealand, these fifteen islands will make you feel like a shipwrecked man in a tropical paradise. You can discover the centuries-old Polynesian culture as well as charming small villages in the Mau’ke and Mangaia Islands. You can also go trekking in the dense jungle and relax on one of the white sand beaches of “One Foot Island”.

2. Guam

Japanese tourists know that Guam is a very beautiful holiday destination. In contrast, few Americans visit this island. It’s rather strange, since Guam is part of the American territory … The island is small (549km²), you can discover it from top to bottom during your stay. You will be able to admire many small traditional villages, picturesque waterfalls, beautiful beaches and incredible sunsets. At the end of your stay, be sure to buy souvenirs at one of the many _dutyfree _de “Tumon Bay” shops.

3. Cape Verde

Located in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde is among the destinations proposed probably one of the most Westernized. But Cape Verde is also famous for its beautiful landscapes and natural beauty. Hikers will love the countless hiking trails that will allow them to discover lush valleys filled with flowers and sugar cane fields that surround imposing mountains. Want to get a taste of the culture of the region? Head to Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde. You can party and listen to music until the early hours. If you have a hangover the next morning, you can rest and sunbathe on the beautiful beach of Chaves.

Where to go in Cape Verde?

4. Slovakia

Many tourists are happy to go to the wind in Slovakia even though this country remains very interesting to discover. You can hike among majestic forests and resplendent waterfalls, or trek to the summit of the Tatra Mountains, which forms a natural border with Poland. This nation is also home to a large number of ancient castles. Whether you are a fan of open spaces or culture, Slovakia is a country not to be missed.

5. Paraguay

Have you ever considered traveling to Paraguay? This country is unfairly neglected by tourists who prefer to visit the two neighboring countries of Argentina and Brazil. Yet, Paraguay allows you to think outside the box and discover the true face of South America. Do not miss to admire the incredible beauty of Ybycuí National Park.

6. Mongolia

Mongolia is the ideal destination to go to if you want to live new adventures. You can explore the vast countryside and sleep in a traditional yurt in the manner of nomads. Traveling in this country in full development will leave you with unforgettable memories of travel.

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