11 Great Destinations For A Sunny Holiday

You dream of a vacation to escape the winter. Check out this list for dream destinations.

11 Great Destinations For A Sunny Holiday

Kauai, Hawaii Archipelago

Kauai Island is a wonderful place for relaxation: you can swim in the ocean in the warmth of the sun or read on the beach. Winter is the season when humpback whales come to breed in warm waters. It’s time to observe them. Also play in the giant surf waves or contemplate the spectacle offered by the experts. In December, the palm trees are illuminated, there are fireworks on Poipu beach. Listen to concerts of songs accompanied by ukulele. Join the annual Festival of Lights and the Waimea Parade.

Key West, Florida

11 great destinations for a sunny holiday. There is everything to discover in the southernmost city of the American continent. After a beauty treatment that followed the passage of Hurricane Irma, she is ready to welcome tourists for the high season with the pastel shades of her typical houses. Take the challenge of deep-sea or fly fishing along the coast to catch marlin, swordfish, tuna or black mackerel. This is the climate to fool around the waves, snorkel and forget the existence of his winter duvet. You should not miss the famous Duval Street in Key West, known for its good restaurants, bars and pretty shops. Be sure to take the trolleybus to attend the annual parade of illuminated boats and have a spectacular view of the lights of the city. Try the adventure by trying various water sports and enjoy a traditional meal aboard a catamaran.

Sunshine Beach, Australia

You do not have to close your eyes to imagine the Australians enjoying their summer while we are having a hard winter! While we clear and snow our cars, they attend outdoor concerts, golf tournaments, camping and hiking or lazing on the beach. Queensland attracts tourists for cultural events. If you prefer relaxation, choose the small town of Sunshine Beach and surf, and discover eclectic cafes, restaurants and shops on Duke Street. Take a ride on the Noosa Boathouse for a special meal aboard a floating restaurant.

San Diego, California

11 great destinations for a sunny holiday. The sunny south of California seems to have only one season with some temperature variations and occasional showers. It is a privileged destination for its exceptional climate. The coastal city of San Diego is particularly attractive. The hotel Del Coronado offers many activities during the holidays and after: do not miss s’mores (roasted marshmallows sandwiched on biscuits).

Palm Springs, California

11 great destinations for a sunny holiday. It is a place where the temperature is around 38 degrees Celsius in summer and 27 degrees Celsius in winter. Palm Springs and its architecture blending the 50s and the very modern has a sophisticated and trendy atmosphere. We will discover trendy pools. And what a breathtaking view of the San Bernardino Mountains to the north, San Rosa to the south, San Jacinto to the west and Little San Bernardino to the east! Do not miss the Palm Springs aerial tram ride that offers an exceptional view of the city and the desert. Trendy restaurants are legion. Do not miss the zoo and botanical garden known around the world.

Spanish Canary Islands

A stay in these islands is the antidote guaranteed against accumulated stress. The Canary Islands have 1,500 kilometers of coastline, making it the perfect place to rest by the sea, explore majestic volcanoes or simply relax in the sun. The cruise from San Juan de la Rambla from Tenerife to Santa Cruz de la Palma will give you the opportunity to witness spectacular fireworks during the holiday season.

Bangkok, Thailand

Tuk tuk for passenger cars. To go sightseeing in Bangkok.; Shutterstock ID 390553672; Job: RD

11 great destinations for a sunny holiday. Thailand fits in the most popular destinations and Bangkok in the most attractive cities. While temperatures are very high during the summer, they are around 27 degrees Celsius in winter. The big shopping centers of the city are adorned with colorful decorations for this festive period and the Chitrada Royal Palace sparkles more than ever. Enjoy exceptional buffets of local and western dishes on an exotic cruise on the Chao Phraya River.

Miami, Florida

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Miami always arrives at the top with its overflowing and radiant energy. It has a rich Latin culture and offers beautiful beaches, rooftop pools, original art deco architecture and a constantly evolving gastronomy. During the holidays, do not miss the many special events such as Fort Lauderdale’s Hip Hop Nutcracker, Cirque Dreams Holidaze themed circus and Miami Zoo’s annual zoo with its animal-shaped lights that come to life when you put on 3D glasses.

Sri Lanka

Buddha statue.Temple in Sri lanka.Buddha in Meditation.; Shutterstock ID 518752711; Job: RD

11 great destinations for a sunny holiday. This island country, which lies in the south of India in the Indian Ocean, dazzles during the winter with its brilliant sun and beautiful beaches. Its rich culture, history, lush wildlife, and affordability make it a particularly inviting sun destination. Observe elephants in Minneriya, Eco and Kaudulla National Parks and whales on the Mirissa Coast. Do not forget to visit the ruins of the sacred quadrilateral of the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. Finally, visit the 1000-year-old Buddha Buddhist Stone Buddhas and enjoy a Sri Lankan feast of 25 different services in Matale.

Cayman Islands

In spite of their eternal absence of snow, these islands give off a real spirit of celebration all year round. At the end of December, the Cayman Islands present an Antillean Santa Claus in shorts and flip-flops and his reggae version of the song Vive le vent. Take a bus tour to admire the rich mansions and end the day with a traditional beef and cassava cake meal. Scuba diving is memorable, not to mention the magic that happens when you go swimming with stingrays in Stingray City.


11 great destinations for a sunny holiday. This archipelago of the Indian Ocean enjoys a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius all year round. You can practice sports such as surfing, water skiing, fishing or windsurfing. Scuba diving or snorkeling will allow you to approach dolphins, whale sharks, sea turtles and rays in crystal clear blue waters. You will find luxury bungalows on the water that invite you to dive as soon as you wake up. They are included in our list of the most beautiful hotels underwater. The seaside resorts, hotels and villas offer magnificent parties and sumptuous gala evenings. You can also do thematic cruises and discover exotic beaches in the company of musicians, singers and percussionists.

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