10 Most Beautiful Wrecks To See In The World

The story of a wreck is sometimes tragic, but what it leaves us with a legacy can be absolutely amazing. Discover the most beautiful wrecks in the world.

10 Most Beautiful Wrecks To See In The World

SS Maheno

In 1935, the SS Maheno traveled to Japan when a cyclone sent him to the bottom. What remains of the hull is now on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia.

History has witnessed many dramatic boat accidents, but the Titanic remains – unfortunately – the most famous.

Peter Iredale

Driven by strong winds, Peter Iredale ran aground along the Oregon coast. Its rusty carcass is still sitting in the sand and fans can walk there at low tide.

MV Panagiotis

This ship, which sank in 1980 due to a storm, is now on the coast of Zakynthos, Greece, on a white-sand beach called Navagio Beach, or “Wreck Beach”.

Salem Express

This ship sank after hitting a coral reef during a huge storm, a wreck that killed 470 people. The wreck is now at the bottom of the Red Sea.

Eduard Bohlen

The Eduard Bohlen is a German freighter that ran aground in 1909 on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia. You can see the remains on a sandy beach, a few hundred meters from the ocean.

SS Ayerfield

The SS Ayerfield was not shipwrecked. Instead, it was abandoned in Homebush Bay, Australia, after being contaminated with toxic waste. Its rusty skeleton, now invaded by a grove of mangroves, offers a breathtaking spectacle.


This 36-meter schooner (119 feet) sank after hitting a rock in shallow water. She now lies under three meters of water in the port of Tobermory, Ontario, where divers and boaters can explore and admire her.


The wreck of Pesuta is on the shores of the Haida Gwaii archipelago in British Columbia, Canada. It can only be discovered after a four-hour walk through forests and beaches.

SS Francisco Morazan

From Chicago, the ship that was bound for Holland did not survive its last winter storm and ran aground off South Manitou Island, Michigan.

USS Arizona

The USS Arizona was sent from the bottom during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. A memorial was built over the bridge so that tourists could visit the site of the wreck. If you look in the water around the ship, you can still see oil leaks escaping from the hull.

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