10 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman

Want to explore the world alone? Here are 10 suggestions of ideal destinations for solo travel as a women.

10 Best Places To Travel Alone As A Woman

Costa Rica

People are friendly and welcoming, and the weather offers a nice mix of calm and chaos, between sun and tropical storms. Why would she recommend this country for a solo getaway? One word: the variety. “Depending on the idea of ​​comfort, you can go to hyper-tourist places or explore less crowded places. Whether you are rooting on a beach or hiking in the rainforest, take an external battery, because one thing is certain: you will exhaust yours by taking pictures of monkeys, sunsets, ‘Rainbows…

Mount Koya, Japan

WAKAYAMA, JAPAN – OCTOBER 29: Okunoin Temple in Wakayama, Japan on October 29, 2014. The most sacred site in Koyasan, the mausoleum for Kobo Daishi, the founder of the temple who died in march 21, 835; Shutterstock ID 287849363; Job: RD

10 best places to travel alone as a woman. You can not do Japan solo without visiting a few cities, but you must add to your list Mount Koya, according to globetrotting Shannon Ullman. Located between Osaka and Kyoto, only five hours from Tokyo, this site is beautiful and offers an unforgettable experience. Here you can spend the night in a Buddhist temple and experience traditional Japanese rituals. “You will sleep on a real futon and the monks will serve vegetarian and sake dishes in your room. You can swim in a communal bath and take a meditation class in the morning. If you really want to connect with yourself, this is the place to go, “she says.

Tuscany, Italy

If instead of dreaming while watching Mange, pray, love, you prefer to live the experience under the sun, pack your bags and go on an adventure in Tuscany, Italy. As Kimberly Hart, Travel Agent, points out, this part of the world not only offers beauty – and hum, wine – it also promises you an escape that will give you plenty of time to think and relax. .

10 best places to travel alone as a woman. When she went here for a getaway, Kimberly Hart was able to stay in Cortona (which you will recognize in the movie) and take a bus ride through the vineyards and surrounding villages to sample fine wines and indulge in beauty. “I felt very comfortable in these villages walking alone, because it was easy to get around and people are welcoming, friendly and helpful. And it was nice to go back to my base every day. In the small towns, there were lots of shops, restaurants and wine tastings, and it was a quiet trip where I could really immerse myself in culture, she says. The advantage of being on a tour was that I had the opportunity to explore with other people during our free time, but that I could also go on my own adventure when I wanted to. ”

Mykonos, Greece

Beautiful Architecture building Exterior with santorini and greece style – Vintage light filter; Shutterstock ID 376092106; Job: RD

10 best places to travel alone as a woman. Think of the blue waters of the Aegean, and you will perhaps be carried away by the romance of this haunting oasis. But before taking out your heart-shaped glasses and dreaming honeymooners, Kiersten Likkel, of Cruise Spezialists, recommends you to do Greece solo. Mykonos, more precisely, which is famous for the great animation its nightlife and its beaches worthy of Instagram. Kiersten Likkel knows something about her, who has traveled to more than 70 countries before turning 30. In addition to the landscapes and country wine that you will love sipping while dancing under the stars, our traveler recommends to feast on local Greek cuisine – especially fresh fish. A getaway that you will not forget!


Aerial view on Lungernsee lake near Luzern, Switzerland, Europe; Shutterstock ID 654881650; Job: RD

10 best places to travel alone as a woman. While enjoying the extraordinary beauty of Switzerland may cost you a bit, Kelly Rizzo, from Eat Travel Rock, assures you that you will not be disappointed with your solo trek. Not only is it easy to travel from one region to another and to the cities and the countryside thanks to a very accessible and friendly transportation system, but you will meet many locals and friendly travelers along the way, promises Kelly Rizzo. “The trains take you anywhere in the country and allow you to visit all parts of German and French-speaking Switzerland in one trip if you wish. This summer, I even went on a boat trip with the Swiss Travel System to go from Lucerne to Ticino, she says. The class! ”


in Northern Ireland rope bridge, Carrick-a-Rede; Shutterstock ID 497190247; Job: RD

10 best places to travel alone as a woman. Because this country is pleased with its reputation for welcoming women solo travelers safely (and offering it a pint … or three), Stacy Schwartz says Ireland is a must for solo travelers dreaming of to go on an adventure. Whether you choose a major metropolitan area such as Dublin, or a hike in the backcountry, Stacy Schwartz testifies that she has lived in this country as one of her best solo travel experiences. Are you afraid of having to adapt to a lot of customs and rituals during your journey? Do not worry, says Stacy Schwartz. Take it more as a challenge and stay open to the possibilities. “Driving on the left can be a little intimidating, so I loved signing up for a day trip to see the places I liked. As I have been riding for a long time, I was happy to find a stable in the Irish countryside where I could ride horses, eat and sleep. I think that Ireland is an excellent starting point for any novice traveler who wants to go solo from North America because of the lack of a language barrier (for those who speak English, of course), culture modern and welcoming, “she says.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

HO CHI MINH CITY,VIETNAM – DEC 10: Traffic in front of Ho Chi Minh City Hall at twilight on December 10,2015 in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.; Shutterstock ID 548305426; Job: RD

10 best places to travel alone as a woman. Kiersten Likkel says of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon and known as a den of nomadic digital workers from around the world, that it could only be a long-haul flight, but that it’s really worth it to immerse yourself in this culture. Not only is it an affordable destination, ideal for the budget traveler, but the solo traveler also explains that the Vietnamese are very friendly with foreigners and always ready to practice their English with them. And it’s a paradise for gourmands. “Stroll around the boulevards of this thriving city at your own pace,” says Kiersten Likkel. To eat, just let yourself be guided by your sense of smell. Do not hesitate to pay for day spas, wonderfully affordable and hospitable throughout the city. “Another important benefit: you will never feel alone here. “You’ll meet travelers from all over the world, all as likely to engage in conversation or to invite you to do something new,” says the globetrotter.

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal old town on the Douro River.; Shutterstock ID 365359853; Job: RD

Or, more exactly, anywhere in Portugal. Once in this smiling city, proud of its history and generous of its wines, you risk not wanting to return to the country any more. For a very exotic solo travel offering a mix of cultural immersion and relaxation, start with Lisbon, for the urban experience, then continue through Porto, away from all the hustle and bustle. “Take all your time to explore this beautiful city and walk the hilly streets admiring the architecture and colorful” azulejos “. Let yourself be tempted by the excitement of the Douro while enjoying a delicious Port wine, “suggests Kiersten Likkel.


10 best places to travel alone as a woman. Stacy Schwartz recommends booking your ticket for this great Central American destination as tourism is about to explode. On a plane jump from Costa Rica, this small country offers a unique charm for those traveling on a budget. “Bocas del Toro is an excellent starting point for a variety of adventure activities, beautiful beaches, and hostels and hotels for all budgets,” says Stacy Schwartz. Most of the tourists you come across do not come from North America, but from other parts of Central America, South America or Europe. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and rub shoulders with other solo travelers on the adventure trails.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar mosque in old town, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Shutterstock ID 639979378; Job: RD

10 best places to travel alone as a woman. Let’s begin with a warning: it’s better to be on your guard when you visit this part of the world, pickpocketing here being a job like any other. A slight inconvenience that does not alter the undeniable beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While the region still wounds the wounds of the war of the 1990s, you will be surprised to see all these new buildings alongside buildings still bearing traces of bullets and bombs. As soon as you leave the cities, photographer and writer Tessa Juliette says that you will find in the countryside a part of the world still relatively untouched by mass tourism. “The exchange rate is very advantageous and the price of private tours is quite reasonable, making it an ideal destination for solo travels,” she says. If you continue your exploration of the region, it is quite easy to find a ferry to Dubrovnik and set sail for the many Croatian islands, whose two jewels are Hvar and Korcula.


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